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It may sound counterintuitive to stay with our aches and disappointment. We prefer comfort, so our default response is to withdraw, avoid, numb, and neurotically fix. But what if Jesus is pulling out a chair and whispering, Stay?

Anjuli Paschall invites you to stop running from your pain and to discover that the deep end of your story is the way to intimacy with Christ. She extends a daring invitation to stay with your everyday aches, your guilt, your loneliness, your anger, your anxiety, your longings, and even your apathy. True power and transformation are found in the very places we resist the most.

It's here, in the staying, where we move from merely knowing in our heads that God loves us to believing it in our hearts.
Stay is an invitation to sit with God at the table of your soul--and be free.

The Author

  1. Anjuli Paschall
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    Anjuli Paschall

    Anjuli Paschall ( is the author of Stay and Awake. She grew up encircled by an orange grove in San Diego. After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University, she earned her master's degree in spiritual formation and soul care...

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