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What do we do with everyday aches, disappointment, and pain?
We can run. Or we can stay.

It may sound counterintuitive to stay with our aches and disappointment. We prefer comfort, so our default response is to withdraw, avoid, numb, and neurotically fix. But what if Jesus is pulling out a chair and whispering, Stay?

Anjuli Paschall invites you to stop running from your pain and to discover that the deep end of your story is the way to intimacy with Christ. She extends a daring invitation to stay with your everyday aches, your guilt, your loneliness, your anger, your anxiety, your longings, and even your apathy. True power and transformation are found in the very places we resist the most.

It's here, in the staying, where we move from merely knowing in our heads that God loves us to believing it in our hearts.

Stay is an invitation to sit with God at the table of your soul--and be free.

"I adore this book. Anjuli Paschall has delivered a sacred gift: by sharing her heart on the page, she's shown me my own. . . . This tender, personal book is a timely read for a lonely, doubting generation." --EMILY P. FREEMAN, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Next Right Thing

"Anjuli wrestles with how we can show up to the life we have and not the life we thought we would have. She invites us to come out of hiding, to surrender our dreams, to be an outsider, and above all to feel the deep love of a Savior who is with us as we stay."--from the foreword by KATHERINE WOLF, author and speaker

Anjuli Paschall is the founder of The Moms We Love Club and is a beloved writer for Dayspring's (in)courage. She lives in Southern California with her husband, Sam, and five beautiful children. She's frequently late, wrestles with guilt, and loses things. When she found the courage to stay, she discovered the love of God in the middle of her messy story.


"I adore this book. Anjuli Paschall has delivered a sacred gift: by sharing her heart on the page, she's shown me my own. In a world tempting us to escape and distract, she invites us to stay and remember, a practice that ultimately leads us home. This tender, personal book is a timely read for a lonely, doubting generation."

Emily P. Freeman, Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Next Right Thing

"If you've ever been tempted to run away from life as a grown-up (and honestly, who hasn't?), then this book is for you. Throughout my decades of marriage and motherhood, anytime I've heard the jingle of the ice cream truck in our neighborhood, I've felt the almost unbearable desire to run after it and to just keep on running. Anjuli understands that urge. And she puts into words all the reasons we choose to stay. Nearly two decades into motherhood, I needed all those reminders again today."

Lisa-Jo Baker, bestselling author of Never Unfriended and The Middle Matters and cohost of the Out of the Ordinary podcast

"Endless lists, unrealistic expectations, and needs we can't possibly meet--sometimes life feels like it's just too much. Add in the mess and monotony, the conflict and boredom, and the anger and disappointment, and escape or avoidance feels like our best option some days. But what if, instead of running away, we stayed and sat still in the hardest parts of our lives? What if we got quiet and listened to our hearts long enough to feel what we feel, so we can know what we need?
"In her breathtakingly beautiful debut book, Anjuli Paschall shows us how and why we should stay. Sharing the most vulnerable parts of her soul and her story, my friend Anjuli is the tender warrior-friend we all need, offering unwavering truth and courageous hope that lead us to the truest pieces of who we are and how God really sees us!"

Renee Swope, bestselling author of A Confident Heart and (in)courage writer

"Anjuli has written a magnificent and honest book about our deep and also daily pain, and the what-if of sitting with it long enough to experience a love we've unknowingly resisted for far too long. Her words and stories landed like a poem into my heart; they gave voice to my burrowed emotions. Stay is a beautifully, vulnerably written invitation to freedom, and I highly recommend it."

Sarah Mae, author of The Complicated Heart

"What does it look like to stay in the moment--no matter how messy, confusing, painful, beautiful, perfect, or imperfect? Anjuli journeys with us into what it looks like to be real--and in that place, we find what we are truly looking for: love and acceptance. This is the most important work of our lives, and this is the book that gently and poetically guides us to brave, life-changing places. If you want to change your life, read Stay."

Lisa Leonard, jewelry designer, author

"We've all been through circumstances that left us looking for an escape. Anywhere else but here. Through her resonant stories, Anjuli vulnerably offers us the sacred invitation to stay. Resist the urge to run and, instead, see the holy significance of this exact moment, this exact place."

Leeana Tankersley, author of Always We Begin Again

"If you struggle with anxiety, disappointment, shame, fear, or false guilt, read Anjuli's story in Stay and see your own reflected in a grace-saturated light. Anjuli's relatable writing is fresh and sparkling, and she moves what you know about God's mercy and Jesus's love from your head to your heart."

Kristen Strong, author of Back Roads to Belonging and Girl Meets Change

"Stay may be the simplest--and hardest--thing to do. We're addicted to being strong and resistant to being needy of God's grace. Bravely and beautifully, Anjuli Paschall invites all of us to follow God into the broken and unfinished places. Her invitation to stay is a merciful invitation to rest."

Jen Pollock Michel, author, speaker

"Because of God's love for us, we have the courage to stay--whether that's in ordinary messy motherhood, our emotions, or suffering and pain. Anjuli invites women into this story of the Gospel like a vulnerable friend with a listening ear. May we have the courage to stay put and start small in our corners of the Kingdom of God."

Ashley Hales, author of Finding Holy in the Suburbs

"It seems like the opportunity to run away from dealing with our greatest hurts and in turn, our greatest healings, is around every corner. From distractions to purposeful denial, we are all guilty of running away from feelings. This book encourages women to stay and not run, to stop striving for identity in any other place than the hope and healing of Jesus. I am so thrilled for women to read about Anjuli's journey to stay in the uncomfortable feelings we all experience--not for staying's sake, but for meeting the Great Redeemer in it all. This book is a call to all of us to sit with the hurts, the lost dreams, the mundane--and experience being met by God in the deepest parts of our heart."

Jami Nato, influencer, business owner, speaker

"Anjuli is the most gentle powerhouse. While some might see those two words as a paradox, I see them as the magic that makes up my sweet friend. Stay is a reminder that we are never alone and that we are loved more than we could ever imagine--right where we are."

Manda Carpenter, author of Space: An Invitation to Create Sustainable Rhythms of Work, Play, and Rest

"I wore out a whole pen underlining the gems of wisdom in these pages. For years, Anjuli has ministered to my soul through her steady, calming insights into the heart of our Father. I am overjoyed that more people can have the same experience through this important book."

Emily Thomas, founder of Mom Struggling Well

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    Anjuli Paschall ( is the author of Stay and Awake. She grew up encircled by an orange grove in San Diego. After graduating from Point Loma Nazarene University, she earned her master's degree in spiritual formation and soul care...

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