Wrecked for God

The Surprising Secret to True Transformation

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Lose Your Religion and Transform Your Life!

After growing up in a Christian home ruled by religious doctrine and legalism, Dianne Leman set out to break free from the exhausting fear that she could never do enough to earn God's favor. In her search, she discovered that Jesus is bigger, better and more beautiful than she had ever dared to dream--and it wrecked her for good.

In this faith-championing book, Leman guides believers out of "doing" Christianity and into union with the Lord Jesus Christ--a transformation that provides rest, grace and delight. Her Gospel-based insights will help you

· stop fruitless striving
· pray with power
· extend mercy to "messy" people
· and much more

Break the shackles of religion and embrace the astonishing reality of Christ living in you!

"Wrecked for God is a work of spiritual transition!"--Danny Silk, president, Loving On Purpose

"Dianne's unique blend of teaching, life experience and prophetic conversation will open your eyes to how God has wrecked her, and you'll be wrecked as well!"--Putty Putman, founder, School of Kingdom Ministry


"Wrecked for God is a work of spiritual transition! The Church culture shift from Christian works and Bible study to a lifestyle of love and moving with the Holy Spirit has left many wondering what to do. Dianne Leman's book is a guide for many who are looking to make this vital shift!"

Danny Silk, president, Loving On Purpose; author, Keep Your Love On and Unpunishable

"Dianne has unrelenting passion for, love for and pursuit of the Holy Spirit. This comes through loud and clear in Wrecked for God. With more than forty years building and leading a growing and vibrant church and fifty years as a lover of Jesus, she has valuable lessons to share with all who are thirsty for more."

Debby Wright, joint senior pastor, Trent Vineyard Nottingham; joint national director, VCUKI

"How do we get wrecked for God? By living from the "I AM"--Jesus--who is the way, the truth and the life. Jesus is the finished work. He is the scandalous good news of the Gospel. The good news of the Gospel is not about finding ourselves but finding out that we have already been included in His finished work and we are hidden in Christ. It is not just Christ for us, but Christ in us. This revelation changes everything. . . . Di is a great teacher, communicator and seeker of truth. I love how she shares with honesty and transparency her own journey of discovery. Get ready to get wrecked for God and lose your religion--your self-effort to be good enough to be right with God--and all the fear and striving that come with that. Instead, be embraced by the faithfulness of Jesus, who is the glorious good news of the Gospel."

Brian Blount, author, Putting Jesus on Display with Love and Power; co-senior pastor, Crestwood Vineyard Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

"This is a beautifully written, heartfelt invitation to know Jesus. To really know Him. If you've wrestled with the disquieting sense that there must be more in your relationship with Him, you will find in Wrecked for God the words of a guide and a friend."

Kathryn Scott, senior pastor, Vineyard Anaheim

"Wrecked for God is a crash course in life lessons from a woman who pursues God passionately as much as anyone I know. Dianne's unique blend of teaching, life experience and prophetic conversation will open your eyes to how God has wrecked her, and you'll be wrecked as well!"

Putty Putman, founder, School of Kingdom Ministry

The Author

  1. Dianne Leman

    Dianne Leman

    Dianne Leman (www.dianneleman.com) is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Vineyard Leadership Institute and Vineyard Bible Institute. She and her husband, Happy, founded the Vineyard Church of Central Illinois in Urbana and serve in full-time ministry....

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