Why Your Kids Misbehave--and What to Do about It

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Your kids can play you like a violin. But you don't have to let them.

Tantrums. Talking back. Throwing things. Meltdowns. Slamming doors. Kids know exactly how to push your buttons. You've tried all sorts of methods, but nothing seems to work.

That's because you're not addressing the root reasons for why kids misbehave, says international parenting expert Dr. Kevin Leman. In Why Your Kids Misbehave--and What to Do about It, he reveals exactly why kids misbehave and how you can turn that behavior around with practical, no-nonsense strategies that really work and are a long-term win for both of you.

With his signature wit and wisdom, Dr. Leman helps you see through your child's eyes, revealing why they do what they do, who they learn their behaviors from, and why they continue behaving badly. He identifies the stages of misbehavior, where your child is on the spectrum, and how to not only avoid escalating bad behavior but get on the front end and turn it around for good.

By the end of this book, you'll be smiling at the transformation in yourself, your child, and your home . . . guaranteed.

Wouldn't you love a day where

· your kids don't melt down or talk back
· your teen's mood swings don't ruin your night
· your kids don't draw you into their fight
· your toddler naps and stays in bed
· you aren't your child's alarm clock
· there are no doors slamming after school
· homework actually gets done . . . by your child

If taking your kids' guff and sass and getting caught in their whirlwind of emotions are all part of your average day, there's a better way.

Why Your Kids Misbehave--and What to Do about It will put you back in the driver's seat. I guarantee it.

Dr. Kevin Leman is an internationally known psychologist and the New York Times bestselling author of more than 60 books, as well as an educator, a humorist, a radio/television personality, and a speaker who has taught and entertained audiences worldwide with his wit and commonsense psychology. He has appeared on FOX & Friends, Huckabee, The 700 Club, The List, Hallmark Channel's Home & Family, The View, FOX's The Morning Show, Today, Morning in America, CBS's The Early Show, Janet Parshall, CNN, Focus on the Family, and Oprah, and is a former consulting psychologist to Good Morning America. Dr. Leman's acclaimed books include Have a New Kid by Friday, Making Children Mind without Losing Yours, The Birth Order Book, and Sheet Music. He and his wife, Sande, have five children and four grandchildren and live in Tucson, Arizona.

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  1. Dr. Kevin Leman

    Dr. Kevin Leman

    Dr. Kevin Leman is an internationally known psychologist, radio and television personality, and speaker. Cohost of the extremely popular Have a New Kid by Friday podcast, he has made house calls through hundreds of radio and television programs, such as...

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