Why Am I Not Healed?

(When God Promised)

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How Do You Get Your Miracle?

"Like an expert physician, Glen Berteau peels back the layers to reveal that healing is much more than physical restoration; it's about our relationship with God."--Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, lead pastor, New Season; president, NHCLC; author, You Are Next!

Pastor Glen Berteau approaches life-altering events with firsthand insight. In the parking lot outside his church, soon after writing this book, he suffered cardiac arrest and died. Following the lack of oxygen and trauma to his body from the repeated electric shocks that revived him, his chance of survival was extremely slim. For five days his family and friends refused the devastating prognosis . . . and prayed the way he had taught them to pray.

Now, walking out his miracle, Pastor Glen wants to help other believers understand the power we have in the spirit realm to command mountains to move.

Do you struggle to know if it is God's will to heal? Let Pastor Glen share his gripping story with you as he counters seventeen hindrances to prayer for healing--and many powerful healing Scriptures and declarations. With the signposts presented here, you can rise up in your God-given authority and declare, "Devil, your request has been denied."

Glen Berteau
is an evangelist, teacher, author and senior pastor of The House Modesto, which has more than 11,000 members and was highlighted by Outreach magazine as the second-fastest-growing church in America. Glen and his wife, Deborah, have three children and seven grandchildren and live in Modesto, California. Learn more at www.glenberteau.com.


"Why Am I Not Healed? is a well-rounded, balanced and sound approach to the subject of healing. It is full of life-giving and faith-building truths and is sure to meet the need in a culture where so many are plagued by sickness and accept it as the will of God. Read, be taught and, most of all, be inspired. Well done on a great practical tool for the Body of Christ."

Andre Olivier, senior pastor, Rivers Church, South Africa

"Why Am I Not Healed? is for anyone who wants to know whether God is still in the business of healing. Like an expert physician, Glen peels back the layers to reveal healing is much more than physical restoration--it's about our relationship with God."

Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, lead pastor of New Season, NHCLC president and author of You Are Next

"What an amazing book this is! Glen has identified the many blockages we find ourselves paralyzed by that stop healing and many other things coming to us from the Lord. This will bring healing and freedom to so many who have struggled to find that pathway."

Phil Pringle, senior pastor and founder of C3 Church Global

"My dear friend and mentor Pastor Glen Berteau has written a message of hope that is laced with power and authority. Why Am I Not Healed? will take you on a journey to wholeness and remind you that God still does miracles. You will even hear the powerful story of how God resurrected the author miraculously. Pastor Glen's story of survival and the revival of his very spirit will release into you a new desire to live! This book is destined to be a staple in every home and church. Buckle up! It is time to arise and go forth once again."

Pat Schatzline, author and founder of Remnant Ministries International

"In his latest book, Pastor Glen Berteau asks the question that all of Christendom has pondered for centuries, 'Why am I not healed?' Berteau offers every believer a compelling and insightful look into the roadblocks to healing. But more importantly, he lifts the veil so we might clearly see our way to receiving our miracle. Spiritually engaging and alive with God's Word and testimony, this is a must read for those who are praying for the hand of God to touch them."

Marcus D. Lamb, founder and president of Daystar Television Network

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  1. Glen Berteau

    Glen Berteau

    Glen Berteau (www.glenberteau.com) is an evangelist, teacher and author and the founding pastor of The House. He holds three master's degrees in pastoral ministry, theology and ministerial leadership and has traveled the world sharing the Gospel. Glen and his...

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