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Whole and Reconciled

Gospel, Church, and Mission in a Fractured World

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Outreach 2019 Resource of the Year (Cross-Cultural/Missional)

The ministry of reconciliation is the new whole in holistic ministry. It must be if the Christian mission is to remain relevant in our increasingly fractured world. This book offers a fresh treatment of holistic ministry that takes the role of reconciliation seriously, rethinking the meaning of the gospel, the nature of the church, and the practice of mission in light of globalization, post-Christendom, and postcolonialism. It also includes theological and practical resources for effectively engaging in evangelism, compassion and justice, and reconciliation ministries. Includes a foreword by Ruth Padilla DeBorst and an afterword by Ronald J. Sider.


Foreword by Ruth Padilla DeBorst
Part 1: Whole World: Missiology and Culture
1. Globalization: Mission in a Reconfigured World
2. Post-Christendom: Decentered Church and Multidirectional Mission
3. Postcolonialism: Postcolonial Mission or Bust
Part 2: Whole Gospel
4. On False and Half Gospels
5. Gospel of the Kingdom: The Reconciliation of All Things
Part 3: Whole Church
6. Whole Persons: Reconciliation Beginning with Me
7. Church of the Trinity: Community, Diversity, and Reconciliation
8. Spirituality of Mission: The Church in the Power of the Spirit
Part 4: Whole Mission
9. Word and Deed: The Greatness of the Great Commission
10. Reconciliation and the Great Commission: Peacemaking as Mission, Part 1
11. Reconciliation and the Great Commission: Peacemaking as Mission, Part 2
Afterword by Ronald J. Sider


"Good missiology comes from the systematic reflection of Christians involved in mission. Al Tizon is a transcultural mission practitioner, who has taught and carried on research in centers that have made important contributions to a renewed understanding of integral mission for our time. This book shows Dr. Tizon's ability to process missiologically a variety of sources and turn them into a clear didactic piece, ideal as a textbook."

Samuel Escobar, professor emeritus of missiology, Palmer Theological Seminary; professor in the Facultad Protestante de Teología UEBE, Madrid, Spain

"In our current Western Christian historical moment, we are witnessing the final violent throes of a Christendom gone awry. A new biblical, theological vision is needed. In this text, missiologist par excellence Al Tizon brings us insight and challenges befitting his interdisciplinary academic skills. My friend and colleague has lived through these realities as a pastor, an academic, and a national and international leader."

Soong-Chan Rah, Milton B. Engebretson Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism, North Park Theological Seminary; author of The Next Evangelicalism and Prophetic Lament

"Al Tizon provides a powerful, much-needed exhortation to those who want to pursue holistic ministry but may be unsure how. Tizon writes with insights won from years on the front lines, with a professor's wisdom and a pastor's heart. He points us to the oft-neglected importance of reconciliation in ways that will inspire and challenge both new and seasoned practitioners alike!"

Nikki Toyama-Szeto, executive director, Evangelicals for Social Action

"Al Tizon relates early in this book that the writing of it took four years. It shows. Tizon's wide reading, careful and balanced thinking, rich theology, and readable style are evidence of a faith-filled, dedicated search to finding new ways to talk about mission in his covenantal, evangelical tradition. This is a beautiful book, and one that deserves to be read, discussed, and savored by anyone who thinks about or engages in mission."

Stephen Bevans, SVD, Louis J. Luzbetak, SVD Professor of Mission and Culture Emeritus, Catholic Theological Union, Chicago

"With an exciting combination of robust biblical theology together with constant authenticating illumination from his own experience in multiple contexts around the world, Al Tizon has woven a superbly convincing case that Christian mission, if it is to be obedient to all that the Bible calls God's people to be and do in the world, is intrinsically and inescapably holistic, that all our mission must be integrated around the centrality of the biblical gospel of Christ and the imperative of making it known, and that such integral mission must include reconciliation (both vertical and horizontal) at its core. His searching critique of some shameful forms of historical mission activity, along with his exposure of false gospels and half gospels, makes uncomfortable but necessary reading, which is happily far outweighed by the rich biblical teaching that follows, and the author's familiarity with the broad consensus within contemporary evangelical writing on the missional nature and calling of the church."

Christopher J. H. Wright, Langham Partnership; author of The Mission of God and The Mission of God's People

"Dr. Tizon brings us boldly and passionately to the wonderful intersection of missiology and reconciliation theology. The deep missional dive and practical insights of this resource bring the needed framework for transformation in a broken and divided world."

Efrem Smith, copastor, Bayside Church Midtown; author of Killing Us Softly

"Al Tizon's Whole and Reconciled speaks of the entirety of the gospel without discarding the uncomfortable truths and demands of biblical justice, peacemaking, and reconciliation. Tizon explains how the gospel necessitates the type of reconciliation that penetrates the deepest aspects of individual and community relationships with truth, love, and vulnerability. Read this important book to learn and be challenged to embrace what it means to be truly Whole and Reconciled."

Mae Elise Cannon, executive director of Churches for Middle East Peace; author of Social Justice Handbook: Small Steps for a Better World

"In this engaging work, Tizon presents a powerful vision of the social implications of a genuine Christian commitment. As he masterfully weaves together themes that are both personal and universal, he names the integral connection between the healing of the human heart and the healing of the world. In doing so he speaks about not only the task of reconciliation but also the call to bring together the head and the heart, the grass roots and the academy, and the church and its mission to the modern world."

Daniel Groody, associate professor of theology and global affairs, director, Kellogg Global Leadership Program, University of Notre Dame

"Al Tizon's deep theological insights and comprehensive analysis of our present conditions make this provocative book a must-read. Whole and Reconciled brilliantly tackles the hard questions of colonialism, racism, empire, and Christendom. The book ushers readers toward the reconciliation, peacemaking, and wholeness that people and the world desperately need."

Grace Ji-Sun Kim, associate professor of theology, Earlham School of Religion

"This book should be a blessing to the individual Christian, the church, and the theological academy. It brings fresh insight to old questions and offers an integrated approach that exemplifies wholeness. In this regard, it holds together virtually all aspects of theology--biblical, historical, systematic, and practical--and, of course, all of this comes from a missiologist. In its practical outlook, the book is an instrument for the mission of God, and its autobiographical flavor and down-to-earth style, along with questions meant to provoke further reflection, all underscore an inspiring and useful work. Any student of theology, practitioner, or aspiring practitioner of mission (and aren't all Christians supposed to be missionaries?) must get a copy of this book."

B. Y. Quarshie, rector, Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission, and Culture, Akropong-Akuapem, Ghana

"A more timely book for this strategic moment in the life of the church cannot be imagined. This is what the global church needs in our divided and fragmented world. A godly thinker and superb writer, Al Tizon is directing us on the right path."

Las G. Newman, global associate director for regions, Lausanne Movement

"Al Tizon provides not a new but a renewed orthodox theology of missions that brings all missiologists and theologians to the core of the missio Dei. In my home of Jerusalem, I have seen all kinds of gospels--what Al calls false gospels--affect my people badly, and they have been like stumbling blocks to the salvific knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are working on the ground to bring the whole gospel to transform our nation and bring true reconciliation with God. We are living in a changing world that has faced new trends of communication, including social media that broadcasts these false gospels. In the face of such false gospels, a true gospel of love and mercy and compassion for the nations is very much needed, a contextualized gospel that acknowledges the redeemable elements in culture. Whole and Reconciled points the way toward this gospel."

Jack Y. Sara, president, Bethlehem Bible College; ordained minister with the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church in the Holy Land

"This book is a clarion call to the church to fully embrace the ministry of reconciliation. Our evangelism and social justice need reconciliation if they are to be part of a truly holistic mission. In this book, Al Tizon presents us with a prophetic call: to embrace a ministry of reconciliation that is at the heart of a whole mission and a whole gospel, and that transforms the whole church and the whole world. This is one of the most important books I've read in a very long time. There is no greater or more urgent work than reconciliation."

Graham Hill, professor of applied theology, Morling Theological College; author of GlobalChurch and Healing Our Broken Humanity

The Author

  1. Al Tizon

    Al Tizon

    Al Tizon (PhD, Graduate Theological Union) is affiliate associate professor of missional and global leadership at North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois. His previous leadership positions include executive minister of Serve Globally, the...

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Outreach 2019 Resource of the Year (Cross-Cultural/Missional)

"[Tizon] provides practical resources for effectively engaging in evangelism, compassion and justice, and reconciliation ministries so that church leaders can connect with God in putting the world back together through Jesus Christ."

Robert L. Gallagher,


"A useful contribution to an important and ongoing conversation. Tizon's Filipino American perspective provides a valuable angle of vision, and his personal stories lend the narrative added power. Whatever terminology we choose to describe the church's global mission, we'll need voices like Tizon's to help us visualize and fulfill it."

William Dyrness,

Christianity Today