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Young line producer Danny Byrd is well-known in Hollywood for being someone who gets things done on time and under budget. But when his reputation takes a beating after his partner--and former best friend--makes off with their investors' money, Danny has but one chance to redeem himself and restore his ruined career.

LA lawyer Megan Pierce has sacrificed years of her life proving herself to her impossible bosses only to find herself disgusted at their snobbery and their specious business practices. When an opportunity to actually make a difference comes her way, she knows she has to grab it--even though she's not entirely clear what "it" is.

Danny and Megan are each other's best hope for redemption. What they never could have imagined was that they might also be each other's best hope for love.

Bestselling and award-winning author Davis Bunn takes you into the beating heart of Hollywood with two characters determined to thrive in a cutthroat business.


"Davis Bunn has absolutely done it. Unscripted kept me hooked to the end. What a suspenseful roller-coaster ride! The industry insights and the mystery surrounding this project were excellent. And what an ending!"

Janette Oke, bestselling author of When Calls the Heart

"Wow. What an incredible story of hope, challenge, and redemption. The characters and their journey remain vividly alive in my mind. The settings and the drama both hold such energy and life. I was there with them and was in tears at the end. Unscripted is a triumph."

Jeff Arresty, president, Internet Bar Association

"This is Davis Bunn at his storytelling best. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough, caught up in this intriguing tale of Hollywood. The story is filled with insider information entwined in a tale of love, loss, and redemption. Bravo, Davis. You deserve a standing ovation."

Debbie Macomber, #1 New York Times bestselling author

"Bunn brings his story of the LA film world to vivid life with just the right level of grit and raw emotion. The negotiations, filming, and talent issues were incredibly realistic. As a film producer, I felt a genuine sense of very real stress over the deal in play. Thankfully the story developed into a project well done and an ultimate success. I for one would love to read a sequel!"

William Campbell, president, Apex Films

"Bunn's characters remain firmly in my mind. The settings came to such vivid life. The industry and its characters, especially the lawyers and the movie moguls, are heartfelt. This book meant a lot to me--so many emotions stirred up as the characters struggled to move ahead, confronted demons, persevered with courage, and thrived in the end. What a treat for me to read Unscripted. I was in tears. What a great story of redemption in so many ways."

Joseph Raia, president, American Bar Association's International Law Division; senior partner, Gunster Law Firm, Miami

"Bravo! Unscripted runs the full gamut of emotions. Bunn's fascinating characters reveal an amazing introduction to Hollywood, something we audiences catch only glimpses of on-screen. Bunn's knowledge of the film world and what making movies entails is truly remarkable. This story deserves great success and hopefully someday will become a movie itself."

Carol Johnson, founder, Christy Award for Fiction

"Unscripted is a thrilling emotional journey. The story has both heart and purpose and swiftly engages the reader through wonderful characters and intriguing complications. Bunn's work is entertaining from page one and carries the drama smoothly to a powerful ending. I have already started rereading. This story is simply too enjoyable to experience only once."

Ken Estin, Emmy Award-winning writer/producer of Cheers, The Simpsons, and Beverly Hills Cop

"I read Unscripted in a single sitting. Part of my job as a director of photography was reading scripts, and as a result I have become somewhat jaded when it comes to emotions displayed on a page. Today I was amazed to find my eyes damp twice and my throat constricted on a third occasion. I stand in awe of Bunn's talent. I truly love this work. It is, quite simply, outstanding."

Paul Wheeler, cinematographer and former lecturer at the Royal Academy for the Dramatic Arts

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  1. Davis Bunn
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    Davis Bunn

    Davis Bunn (www.davisbunn.com) is the award-winning author of numerous national bestsellers with sales totaling more than seven million copies worldwide. His work has been published in twenty languages, and his critical acclaim includes four Christy Awards for...

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