Unlocking the Last Days

A Guide to the Book of Revelation and the End Times

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You hold in your hands a key . . .

The very name of the last book of the Bible means "unveiling." Yet this mysterious and misunderstood book seems to do anything but unveil, especially when we read it on our own. Unlocking the Last Days takes you verse by verse through the entire book of Revelation, clearly communicating God's truth, warnings, and promises to a world poised for both judgment and redemption.


"I'm very pleased to recommend Jeff's book. Jesus said, 'Behold I come quickly,' and after you read this book, you'll find yourself saying, 'Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!'"--Greg Laurie, pastor, Harvest Christian Fellowship; evangelist, Harvest Crusades

"Jeff Lasseigne is a faithful pastor and excellent communicator of God's Word. Unlocking the Last Days is an urgent biblical message that must be heard and heeded!"--Dr. James MacDonald, senior pastor, Harvest Bible Chapel

"In a warm conversational style, the author expounds the great truths of the book of the Revelation and applies them practically to the individual believer and the local church. If you have never studied Revelation, or if you need a refresher course in the light of current events, this is an excellent text to use. You need not agree with the author on every detail, but you will agree with his emphasis that we love the Lord, look for his appearing, and live like it may be today."--Warren W. Wiersbe, bestselling author of over one hundred books, including 50 People Every Christian Should Know

"A lot of people are asking some serious questions these days: 'Why is the world coming apart at the seams? Where is it all headed? Should I be worried about my future or is there hope?' Whether you're asking these questions yourself or wanting to share the answers with those who are, Unlocking the Last Days is a resource you can't afford to be without. By going straight to the source of God's Word, Jeff Lasseigne thoroughly and authoritatively explains what's happening and what's to come. But beyond that, he provides the hope that is so desperately needed and exclusively found in Jesus Christ."--Bob Coy, senior pastor, Calvary Chapel Ft. Lauderdale

"Jeff Lasseigne has always been a clear and ready Bible expositor with years of experience to buttress his love for the Scriptures. Unlocking the Last Days will help the reader unlock God's plan for the future and make the book of Revelation not only understandable but exciting. Jeff will help you see that this last book of the Bible is compelling and practical. I highly recommend his book."--Skip Heitzig, author, Bible teacher, pastor, Calvary of Albuquerque

"Being a student of Bible prophecy for many years and now a teacher of current and coming prophecy, I have found Jeff's book to be outstanding and informative. His book is engaging and humorous when necessary. This is perhaps the best book on Revelation I have ever read. I am certain you will agree, it is a must for your library!"--Tom Hughes, senior pastor, Calvary Chapel San Jacinto

"Martin Luther once said, 'There are two days in my calendar, this day and that Day.' We would be wise to follow his lead, living in light of the imminent return of Jesus Christ. Jeff Lasseigne's epic book, Unlocking the Last Days, will help you do just that. As a result of reading this book, you won't be combing through news stories trying to figure out who the Antichrist is--you'll be motivated to reach out to lost and hurting people before time runs out."--Levi Lusko, pastor, Fresh Life Church

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  1. Jeff Lasseigne

    Jeff Lasseigne

    Jeff Lasseigne has been part of Harvest Christian Fellowship since 1980 and joined the pastoral staff in 1989. He teaches the midweek Bible study and, as one of the administrative pastors, assists with oversight of the church. Jeff has written two other books,...

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