Unleashing Peace

Experiencing God's Shalom in Your Pursuit of Happiness

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"Here's a powerful, biblical antidote to despair!"--LEE STROBEL, New York Times bestselling author

God's peace, his shalom, can penetrate every aspect of your life--spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Although the word shalom appears 550 times in the Scriptures and was a constant theme in Jesus' teachings, it is a neglected topic today. As a result, God's peace has been elusive to so many followers of Jesus. This book charts a course of shalom for you!

As Greg Laurie writes in the foreword, since we are made in God's image, you could say we have been prewired for happiness. We are prewired for hope. We are prewired for peace. If you are longing for healing and wholeness, noted Bible scholar Jeremiah J. Johnston will help you discover how to

· Unleash shalom in your life
· Live and apply shalom in God's world
· Protect your shalom in difficult times

This uplifting book is also helpful for ministry leaders and everyone else who recognizes the church's incredible opportunity today to help individuals and families dealing with anxiety, worry, and mental pain. Let this be your guide into the peace that passes all understanding. Shalom!

"This is more than surviving; we are offered the gift of truly flourishing."--SHEILA WALSH, author of Holding On When You Want to Let Go

"In this reassuring meditation on Christian happiness... Johnston's mix of scholarly and uplifting notes will speak to solace seekers and their ministry leaders alike."--PUBLISHERS WEEKLY


"Unleashing Peace is packed with incredible stories, digestible teachings, readable truths, and constructive coaching. I truly felt a sense of well-being as I turned the pages of this book, drinking in its biblical message."

Robert J. Morgan, bestselling author and teaching pastor at The Donelson Fellowship

"I have never known a time when the promise of peace seems more elusive. Anxiety and depression are at an all-time high, yet Christ promised us his peace. In this in-depth yet practical book, Jeremiah provides a road map to accessing the peace of God. This is more than surviving; we are offered the gift of truly flourishing."

Sheila Walsh, author of Holding On When You Want to Let Go

"With the incisive mind of a scholar and the tender heart of a pastor, my friend Jeremiah Johnston charts a course for how you can live out shalom--peace, happiness, joy--in your life while encouraging wellness in others. Here's a powerful biblical antidote to despair!"

Lee Strobel, New York Times bestselling author, Strobel Center for Evangelism and Applied Apologetics at Colorado Christian University

"As a mental health expert, I can tell you there's hope in these pages. As I have read each chapter, you too will discover the transformation of God's truth for you. Allow for a new peace to develop and grow as you walk through the carefully crafted hope plan in these pages. You will be as blessed as I was!"

Gregory C. Jantz, PhD, bestselling author of more than forty books

"I've spent a lot of time lately pondering how much Jesus cared about the human condition. Salvation isn't just our ticket to heaven; it's the promise of wholeness, restoration, well-being, peace, and redemption. In Unleashing Peace, my friend Dr. Jeremiah Johnston brilliantly explores our God-given invitation to know and walk in the wholeness of God."

Susie Larson, national speaker, talk radio host, and author of Fully Alive

"If you desire more peace, more happiness, and more understanding of what the Bible has to say about these important topics, Dr. Johnston's new book will be transformative for you. It is one of the most significant Christian resources addressing mental health I've ever encountered."

Dave Willis, pastor, podcaster, and author of Think Like Jesus

"The potential of this book to transform faith communities, wider society, and the world as a whole is enormous. If readers embrace the deep theological insights it contains, they will not only experience the deep peace of God, but also be able to bring that peace to others."

Paul Foster, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity, School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh

"Peace is crucial yet elusive. Whether it is political, relational, or internal, we long for and try to grasp peace with all our might. With the mind of a scholar and the practicality of a missionary, Jeremiah Johnston to take you on a journey to finding and sharing a deeper understanding of the shalom of God."

Gregg Matte, pastor, Houston's First Baptist Church

"Few are better positioned to provide practical answers to the tsunami of painful life issues facing our world. Dr. Jeremiah Johnston--apologist, theologian, and speaker--unpacks the depth of true, biblical shalom. This book is a must-read, must-share opportunity to bring sustainable hope into lives today."

Rev. Dr. Luke Biggs, Peace Lutheran Church, Grand Island, Nebraska

"The church needs this book. Jeremiah Johnston tackles the mental health issues the body of Christ often avoids. Shalom is powerful in deliverance. I found hope and encouragement in Unleashing Peace."

Dr. Ted H. Traylor, pastor, Olive Baptist Church, Pensacola, Florida

"Whenever I publicly reveal my own lifelong struggles with anxiety attacks and OCD, some well-meaning Christians react with dismay that I'm not being 'spiritual' enough with my solutions. Mental health has long been ignored in the church, leading to lives of confusion and despair for many believers. Unleashing Peace is a Christ-centered reset, a superb resource not only for personal growth but also for group study."

Rene Schlaepfer, senior pastor, Twin Lakes Church, California

"In a fallen world where people are triggered by brokenness and seemingly unshakable mental and emotional pain, Unleashing Peace brilliantly charts a course for triggering the peace and well-being of God--in your life and the lives of others. No matter where you are on the 'mental wellness trajectory,' as Jeremiah so thoughtfully puts it, there is something in this book for you."

Rick Renner, author, teacher, pastor, and broadcaster, Moscow, Russia

"We see about ten thousand media messages and touch our phones about two thousand times a day. In the most distracted culture in the history of the world, our desperate cry is for 'happiness.' And yet the shallow answers found in self-help books and social media only make it worse. That's why Unleashing Peace is so important. You'll discover what real happiness is and a new perspective on how to achieve real peace."

Phil Cooke, PhD, writer, media producer, and author of Maximize Your Influence

"Peace is desperately needed in this generation that is choked with mental health issues, and the chaos that is left in the wake. God's peace is the answer to bringing hope and healing to a hurting world. This book should be essential reading for every pastor, professor, and leader."

Jack Graham, pastor, Prestonwood Baptist Church

"It is highly commendable when biblical scholars draw practical applications that potentially alleviate unrest for believers. Jeremiah Johnston does just that throughout this volume. Highly recommended."

Gary R. Habermas, Distinguished Professor, Liberty University

"There is so much brokenness in our world today. As a pastor, I have the privilege to meet with and preach to people weekly who are deeply troubled, experiencing hardship and struggling through the issues of life. What is needed now more than ever is hope, and this is what Jeremiah Johnston offers--a message the church needs to hear, pastors need to communicate, and Christians need to share."

Jarrett Stephens, senior pastor, Champion Forest Baptist Church and author of The Always God

"Dr. Jeremiah Johnston speaks to an important yet neglected topic. Unleashing Peace is a much-needed book for today's world--a world that has little peace and little hope. I recommend it highly."

Craig A. Evans, John Bisagno Distinguished Professor of Christian Origins, Houston Baptist University

"I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from learning how to access the sunshine of God's shalom, forsaking the shadows of anxiety, depression, fear, shame, or unbelief. Unleashing Peace is a powerful tool to have in your arsenal."

H. Edwin Young, senior pastor, Second Baptist Church Houston

"Peace is God's blessing on his children, yet so many fail to find it in life. Jeremiah has unleashed a very practical book that delivers sound reasons for why each believer should dwell in peace, as well as practical ways how one finds that peace."

Mark Lanier, author and founder, Lanier Theological Library

"I struggled intensely for thirty-five years with the pain of mental disease in the form of OCD, even while pastoring a large church. My life is a testament to God's healing, but we also need the help of other gifted believers like Dr. Jeremiah Johnston."

Jeff Wells, lead pastor, Woods Edge Community Church, Texas

"A radiant narrative of hope, Unleashing Peace is an immensely readable, biblical, and psychologically credible engagement with emotional health. It could be one of the most important books in our post-pandemic generation."

Rev. Will Van Der Hart, The Mind and Soul Foundation

"Unleashing Peace is your guide for discovering and living in God's gift of peace. As leader of Christian Thinkers Society, Jeremiah is committed to helping us know Christ and experience his grace. This book is alive with the hope and comfort we need in these chaotic days."

Philip Nation, speaker and author of Habits for Our Holiness

"Jesus is the Prince of Peace. Peace is one of the fruits of the Spirit. So why is there so little peace in the world, even among Christians? Jeremiah Johnston helps us recover and apply these forgotten truths."

Warren Cole Smith, president, MinistryWatch.com

"There are many qualities to this remarkable work by Jeremiah Johnston. It not only fits the times, it engages the Scriptures and the deepest questions of our hearts."

Robert Sloan, president, Houston Baptist University

"I'm honored to share words of endorsement for this amazing book. Dr. Jeremiah has been a huge blessing to Oasis Church every time he visits, and having the opportunity to read Unleashing Peace, I am confident that Oasis will once again be blessed by every word they read."

Ricardo Garcia, executive pastor, Oasis Church, Florida

"Shalom is such a pregnant word. All of the Bible is about God bringing shalom to chaos through Jesus. We live in a chaotic world, which is why I am excited to insist you read Unleashing Peace. Jeremiah writes with the pen of a scholar and the heart of a pastor."

Dr. Brian Haynes, lead pastor, Bay Area Church and Christian School, Texas

"Thoughtful guidance to the breadth and depth of God's peace that is accessible, encouraging, and helpful for readers struggling with the very real challenges of our day. It is a joy to recommend this fine book."

David S. Dockery, president, International Alliance for Christian Education, and Distinguished Professor of Theology, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"Peace is one of the most common themes in the Bible. And yet it seems that so few Christians experience it. If you want to know genuine peace in your life, this book is a biblically based, practical guide."

Sean McDowell, PhD, Biola University professor, speaker, and author

"After two decades of pastoral ministry, I am learning more and more that the situations people go through do not 'steal' God's peace from their lives as much as they 'reveal' that they did not have God's peace to begin with. Jeremiah Johnston teaches readers how to rely on God's promises rather than human explanations and experiences. Prepare to find peace as you read this book."

Christian Newsome, lead pastor, Journey Church International

"There is no one unaffected by mental health struggles, either directly or indirectly, and Christians are hungry for answers to the big questions about depression, anxiety, and suicide. I've personally seen the phenomenal response from audiences when Jeremiah has spoken about these issues. Jeremiah's new book is also one of the most helpful responses I have encountered."

Justin Brierley, show host of Unbelievable? and author of Unbelievable? Why After Ten years of Talking with Atheists, I'm Still a Christian

"In a world plagued by the sigmatism that comes with working through mental health challenges, Unleashing Peace offers a fresh yet timeless biblical perspective on a topic the church so often fails to address. This book will equip Christian leaders in helping others discover God's shalom."

Adam C. Wright, PhD, president, Dallas Baptist University

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"In this reassuring meditation on Christian happiness... Johnston's mix of scholarly and uplifting notes will speak to solace seekers and their ministry leaders alike."

Publishers Weekly