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How was Ruth related to Naomi?

What did Ezekiel's scroll taste like?

Who died falling out of a window during one of Paul's sermons?

Who released Peter from prison?

Whether you're a Bible novice or a Bible know-it-all, Ultimate Pocket Bible Trivia will stretch your mental powers and encourage you to dive deep into God's Word with

· hundreds of trivia questions
· "Did You Know" facts
· true or false quizzes
· fill in the blanks
· multiple-choice questions
· crosswords
· word challenges

Designed to teach, challenge, enlighten, and entertain, this compendium of trivia guarantees hours of fun for all ages.

The Author

  1. Timothy E. Parker

    Timothy E. Parker

    Timothy E. Parker is an ordained minister and Guinness World Records Puzzle Master. He created the world's first A.I. crossword and has entertained millions of puzzle solvers as the editor of three worldwide puzzle syndicates. He is the author of over 70...

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