Truth Changes Everything

How People of Faith Can Transform the World in Times of Crisis

series: Perspectives: A Summit Ministries Series

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How Jesus followers of the past show us how to live boldly today

Most Americans now believe that Truth is up to the individual, rather than something we can objectively know. People talk about "speaking my truth" rather than "seeking the Truth." Faced with unprecedented levels of social conflict, purposelessness, and hopelessness, we desperately need to know whether Truth exists and how we can find it.

In this inspiring book, Dr. Jeff Myers tells the fascinating stories of Jesus followers who lived for Truth and transformed their world in times of crisis. These determined and often quirky figures led the way in human dignity, science, art, medicine, education, politics, justice, and even the idea of meaningful work.

If you sense that we live in hopeless days, it's time to discover how Truth changes everything, everywhere, all the time.

"Readers will be challenged, encouraged, and strengthened by this life-changing message."--Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby
"A timely and deeply appreciated gift for every generation."--Dr. Alveda C. King, founder of Speak for Life

"Dr. Jeff Myers has a unique gift for communicating the universal, unchanging Truth of the gospel."--Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

"Bursting with fascinating true stories of people who loved Jesus so much they could not help but change the world in everything from science to the arts."--Kirk Cameron, actor and filmmaker


"Pilate's piercing question to Jesus, 'What is truth?' resonates perhaps even more today than the day he asked it. In Truth Changes Everything, Dr. Jeff Myers answers that question. What's more, he tells us why what we believe about truth matters so very much. Readers will be challenged, encouraged, and strengthened by his life-changing message."

Steve Green, president of Hobby Lobby

"Dr. Jeff Myers has a unique gift for communicating the universal, unchanging Truth of the gospel. This insightful book shows the importance of biblical Truth, traces many under-appreciated ways in which Christians throughout history have impacted the world by living out that Truth, and gives practical advice for influencing our neighbors with the Truth that sets us free."

Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family

"This book is perfectly titled because truth does change everything. It changes whether we live in hope, love, and faith or fear and despair. Dr. Myers lays out what is at stake in the battle for Truth and offers a road map for how Truth can be known and experienced. This is a timely, insightful, and story-filled book."

Sean McDowell, Ph.D, author of Chasing Love and A Rebel's Manifesto

"Dr. Jeff Myers skillfully demonstrates how Christians' manifestation of God's surpassing goodness in all facets of life and civilization provides powerful evidence for the Truth of Christianity and the Bible, on which our faith is based. This Truth, indeed, changes everything, and in the best way imaginable."

Hugh Ross, astrophysicist; founder and president of Reasons to Believe

"As an actor and filmmaker, I love good stories. And my friend Dr. Jeff Myers' book Truth Changes Everything is bursting with fascinating true stories of people who loved Jesus so much they could not help but change the world in everything from science to the arts. No matter how tough times are, we can do the same. If your faith and sense of purpose need a boost, I encourage you to pick up this book right away."

Kirk Cameron, actor and filmmaker

"In this informative and simple-to-read book, Dr. Myers explains the difference between Truth and the relativistic view of "truths." In my view, this is at the core of our culture's current chaos. Next, he expertly shows how the Truth of Christ has benefited society in every area of life. It is a much-needed retort to the popular fallacy that the world would have less suffering and oppression without Christianity. Nothing could be further from the truth."

John L. Cooper, lead singer of Skillet, author of Awake & Alive to Truth, host of the Cooper Stuff podcast

"Many people today believe that truth cannot be known and that everyone is entitled to their own 'truths.' In Truth Changes Everything, Jeff Myers shows how a commitment to Jesus Christ, who is the Incarnate Truth, has shaped the world in undeniable ways. Many of the advances in science, art, government, medicine, and education have roots not in secularism or humanism but in Christianity. Myers's conclusion is spot-on: Truth is a person, Truth is life, and Truth is eternal!"

Dr. Christopher Yuan, author and speaker

"Jeff Myers explains biblical objectivity in a way teens can understand. Our children swim in a sea of nihilism and risk drowning, but Truth Changes Everything can help hold them up until God's waves bring them to shore."

Dr. Marvin Olasky, senior fellow, Discovery Institute

"Christianity, C. S. Lewis said, could be "of no importance" or "of infinite importance," but "the one thing it cannot be is moderately important." In a world that denies Truth exists and can be known, Jeff Myers takes us on a journey that spans hundreds of years to investigate the impact Christianity has had on the world. And the reason is clear: Christianity is true."

John Stonestreet, president of the Colson Center

"In Truth Changes Everything, Dr. Jeff brings a timely and deeply appreciated gift for every generation. It's much needed now in this decade."

Dr. Alveda C. King, founder of Speak for Life

"What I love about this book is that Dr. Jeff Myers doesn't just tell you that truth changes everything, he shows you through powerful stories the impact Jesus followers have made throughout history. Yes, today's culture is difficult, but when we look back to these accounts of Christians transforming the world, we see that truth doesn't need an accommodating culture to flourish. Myers does an outstanding job of calling discouraged believers to action as truth tellers and doers. Well-researched, inspiring, and highly practical, Truth Changes Everything has a crucial message every Christian needs to hear."

Natasha Crain, speaker, podcaster, and author of four books, including Faithfully Different

"In a world that claims it's true that there is no truth (yeah, I know, that's self-defeating), Jeff Myers shows that the way to eternal victory is to go straight through truth, and Jesus is the Truth. You'll have plenty of aha moments reading Truth Changes Everything. You'll also be amazed by Christianity's dramatic impact on civilization and comforted by the fact that, no matter how bad things get, Jesus is the Truth and his kingdom will triumph in the end."

Frank Turek, president of and coauthor of Hollywood Heroes

"When people believe God created them to impact others and leave the world a better place, they'll be motivated, optimistic, and determined. They will be less overwhelmed even when they realize how chaotic the culture is. This can be you if you read this book! You'll want to be part of the solution to the world's brokenness, and you'll know how. Use Truth and not truths! The history of the issues and the stories of how Jesus's followers successfully made a positive difference will encourage you. You'll see yourself being part of the solution too. Get ready!"

Kathy Koch, PhD, founder of Celebrate Kids Inc. and author of Five to Thrive

"In a culture that seems allergic to absolute truth, Dr. Myers cuts through the confusion with writing that is warm, winsome, and crystal clear. Truth Changes Everything will take you on a journey through history and demonstrate how truth doesn't just have the potential to bring change--it quite literally did change everything. While setting right some false narratives about Christianity, this book is a crushing blow to relativism."

Alisa Childers, author of Another Gospel and Live Your Truth and Other Lies

"In a time when universal truth claims are more disputed than ever, Truth Changes Everything offers a compelling guide for how Christians can represent and defend their faith in a post-Christian culture. I am happy to recommend it."

Thomas S. Kidd, research professor of church history, Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

"We are in a time of crisis, if not seemingly a point of no return. Times like this are meant for people of faith, for seekers of the Truth. These times try people's souls, and they are also when saints are made. People of faith changed the world in the past, and they can again. They're called to confront the spirit of the age. Jesus wants them to. In this inspiring book, Jeff Myers likewise calls them, invoking brilliant examples from the likes of Thomas Aquinas and Catherine of Siena to Abraham Kuyper and Francis Schaeffer and so many more. Myers has been equipping young people for decades with his life-changing Summit Ministries. Here, he is equipping a wider world. Myers offers not just inspiration and courage but tips and practical advice. Read this book. You and your children will benefit from it."

Paul Kengor, PhD, professor of political science, Grove City College

"The more I speak about Jesus around the country, the more I recognize the relationship between truth and impact. Jesus and his followers changed the world because Christianity is true. Truth Changes Everything is a robust exploration of the nature of Truth and the impact of Jesus on nearly every aspect of human culture. It's more than simply a description of Christianity's historical impact, it's an inspiring and encouraging template for those of us who still hope to change the world as followers of Christ. If you're ready to grow in your Christian confidence so you can live boldly as a change agent, this book is for you."

J. Warner Wallace, Dateline-featured cold-case detective, senior fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, and author of Person of Interest

"C. S. Lewis writes, "A man does not call a line crooked unless he has some idea of a straight line." Our world has lost the vision of what a straight line even looks like. That's why Jeff Myers's new book, Truth Changes Everything, is so important. Myers reveals how high the stakes are in our struggle for truth and demonstrates through captivating stories of truth seekers throughout history how Truth with a capital T leads to flourishing, even in tumultuous times like our own."

Max McLean, founder and artistic director, Fellowship for Performing Arts

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    Dr. Jeff Myers

    Dr. Jeff Myers is president of Summit Ministries, a Colorado-based nonprofit organization that equips and supports the rising generation to embrace God's Truth and champion a biblical worldview. Summit reaches hundreds of thousands of Christians each year...

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