These Strange Ashes, Repackaged Edition

A Deeply Personal Account of Elisabeth Elliot’s First Year as a Missionary

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Of one thing I am perfectly sure: God's story never ends with "ashes."
--Elisabeth Elliot

In this account of her first year as a missionary, Elisabeth Elliot shares what it was like to work in the jungles of Ecuador with a small group of women, bringing the Word of God to the indigenous tribe that martyred her husband. With fascinating detail, she captures the stark realities of life among these complex people and reflects upon the "strange ashes" that can result when an act of obedience is passed through the fires of God's perfect--yet mysterious--will.

These Strange Ashes is more than the remarkable true story of a year in the life of a Christian missionary; it is a reflection on the great questions of life and a memorable testimony to the realities of authentic Christian commitment. First published nearly forty years ago, this classic is sure to inspire a new generation to find and follow God's will--wherever it leads them.

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  1. Elisabeth Elliot
    Courtesy of the Elisabeth Elliot Foundation

    Elisabeth Elliot

    Elisabeth Elliot (1926-2015) was one of the most perceptive and popular Christian writers of the last century. The author of more than twenty books, including Passion and Purity, The Journals of Jim Elliot, and These Strange Ashes, Elliot...

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