The Way of Kings

Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Man

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You were meant to live out a greater story

Men were made to be kings, to protect the light, fight the darkness, and rule well the domain God has given them. But to be a good king, we must act in the likeness of the King.

Drawing on the ancient tradition of an older and wiser ruler passing on his wisdom, like Solomon in the book of Proverbs, Nathan Clarkson offers forty short and to-the-point letters for the journey. Packed with practical, biblically based advice on real-life issues, this book helps us build our identity not in who the world says we should be but in who our King says we can be.

The Author

  1. Nathan Clarkson
    Jordan Puhala

    Nathan Clarkson

    Nathan Clarkson is an award-winning actor, a bestselling author, an indie filmmaker, and a podcast philosopher. He is the author of Good Man and coauthor of the Publishers Weekly bestselling book Different. He lives...

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