The Time-Saving Mom

How to Juggle a Lot, Enjoy Your Life, and Accomplish What Matters Most

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Time is short. Here's how to invest it in what matters most.

As a busy mom, pulled in many directions, you've felt it: There's too much to do, and not enough time to do it.

It seems like the only solution is to hustle harder. But there's a far better way to manage your time so that you can simplify and enjoy your life.

Crystal Paine--mom of six, bestselling author, and entrepreneur--delivers a real-world, no-nonsense guide to keeping you sane and doing the things you love most.

In The Time-Saving Mom, Crystal takes you inside her days to help you:

· Adopt an easy-to-implement four-step system to organize and simplify your life

· Create morning and evening routines that set you up for success

· Learn time-saving hacks to help you find time for pursuing your personal passions, friendships, exercise, and better sleep

· Carve out sacred time for God and your family

You don't have to be a productivity queen to maximize your time. Instead, you can be a time-saving mom, investing in what matters most.

"The Time-Saving Mom will change your life. . . . The practical tools and advice in this book are game changers."--ALLI WORTHINGTON, author of Remaining You While Raising Them


"The Time-Saving Mom will change your life. Crystal's Four-Step System will help you feel less stressed and more in control. The practical tools and advice in this book are game changers." 

Alli Worthington, author of Remaining You While Raising Them 

"Who doesn't long to live a more peaceful, restful, and richer life yet still manage to 'get it all done'? While it might sound impossible, Crystal Paine offers an encouraging and highly practical solution that will help anyone in any season of life. Get ready to be inspired from the very first page!" 

Lisa Jacobson, founder of

"I can't think of a better person to learn from when it comes to time organization and family life than Crystal Paine! In her new book, The Time-Saving Mom, Crystal shows moms exactly how to manage 'all the things' in her signature down-to-earth style that leaves you feeling like yes, you can actually do this too. Overflowing with practical how-to advice, this is the book moms have been needing for a very long time!" 

Ruth Schwenk, founder of and author of several books including The Better Mom Devotional and Trusting God in All the Things

"I often get asked how I manage my time and juggle so many responsibilities. I've long wanted a great resource to direct them to. And now I finally have something I can hand them and say, 'Read this amazing book. Crystal will walk you through it all!'"

Jami Balmet, creator and author

"As a brand-new empty nester, I got SO much gold from this book! Restructuring my days post-kids has been slightly disorienting. The Time-Saving Mom has been an anchor for reestablishing my priorities. Crystal's practical and manageable tips have created a system to help me navigate the waters of this new life phase."  

Alison Lumbatis, CEO of Outfit Formulas

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    Crystal Paine

    Crystal Paine ( is a New York Times bestselling author, a popular speaker, the host of The Crystal Paine Show, and the founder of one of the top personal finance blogs on the web, Money Saving Mom. Her desire is to help...

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