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Living a Life of Love and Faith without Borders

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A Spirit-Led Heart Can Be a World-Changing Heart

When the early church embraced the help of the Holy Spirit, uncertainty became boldness. Fear became courage. Weakness became strength.

Jesus promised us the same help. Why, then, do we keep trying to do things by ourselves? We try to do big things for God with nothing but our own efforts and a grit to see them through. Eventually, though, we find ourselves sputtering along like an old car, a little empty and a lot uncertain about our faith and purpose.

With warmth and vulnerability about her own journey, bestselling author and Proverbs 31 speaker Suzanne Eller shows that, with the Helper, we are not alone or ill-equipped. In these pages she reveals what the Holy Spirit offers:

· He empowers and guides us when we feel weak or lost.
· He offers confidence and boldness to the meek and comfort to those who hurt.
· He gives counsel and discernment in the face of uncertainty.
· His gifts fill us when we are empty and multiply our meager offerings into something truly miraculous.

The Holy Spirit empowered the apostles and the early church--and he will equip you today with that same help, boldness, and power to live a life of love and faith without borders.

Suzanne (Suzie) Eller is the author of Come with Me Devotional: A Yearlong Adventure in Following Jesus and a popular blogger. Suzie is with Proverbs 31 Ministries as a writer and speaker, and her message is to encourage women to live fully and free in their faith and every aspect of their lives. Suzie and her husband, Richard, live in Arkansas.


"I'm grateful for this deep--but somehow accessible--word. As a longtime Christ-follower, I have always had the desire, but not always the tools, to be led by the Spirit. I love this inspirational yet ever practical instruction in how to stop letting our hearts be tossed and turned by the whims of the world and instead be led by God himself. Not only has Suzie given us practical steps, but she's dared us to challenge our own limited thinking about who God is and how much he loves us."

Kathi Lipp, bestselling author, The Husband Project, Overwhelmed, and Clutter Free

"Join Suzie as she engages you with the Holy Spirit in a fresh way. She'll capture your heart, ignite your faith, and take it from routine to remarkable. Her invaluable teachings will challenge your convictions, redefine your choices, and sculpt you into the Spirit-filled woman God created you to be!"

Wendy Blight, author, I Am Loved: Walking in the Fullness of God's Love; writing team, First 5

"Sometimes, when we talk about what it means to have the Holy Spirit leading us in the steps of our lives, it can feel super mysterious . . . or weird . . . or emotional . . . or worrisome that we'll have to act out in some way we're unaccustomed to. Suzie Eller, through her devoted heart, with her encouraging and gentle voice, and as an experienced guide, breaks through those suppositions and will take you on an inspiring, equipping journey in The Spirit-Led Heart. With a beautiful blend of Bible history, personal stories, moments to stop and ponder, and encouragement to stand up and act, Suzie's newest book has taught me how to listen with greater intention, to learn with deeper understanding, and to seek the presence of the Holy Spirit with fresh eyes. This is a must-have guidebook for all of us who want to live our lives in closer alignment with the Spirit of God."

Julie Lyles Carr, author, Raising an Original: Parenting Each Child according to Their Unique God-Given Temperament; host, The Modern Motherhood Podcast with Julie Lyles Carr

"Voices from the extremes have left God's children unsure and missing out on the power of the Holy Spirit. Suzie defuses controversy with strong biblical teaching and her gentle voice. She pushes beyond denominational walls so that the lavish gift of God's Spirit can flood into every heart."

Amy Carroll, author, Breaking Up with Perfect; speaker and writer, Proverbs 31 Ministries

"Inspiring and transforming! Consider The Spirit-Led Heart a beautiful journey of discovery. Suzie Eller invites us to spend time with the Holy Spirit so that we can know Him better. Receive her invitation and be awakened to the abundant wisdom, guidance, confidence, strength, and intimate relationship He offers. This book has a beautiful anointing that is undeniable."

Leah DiPascal, speaker and writer, Proverbs 31 Ministries; writing team, First 5

"This book counseled and guided me as I was looking for direction. Suzie's ability to teach God's Word intersects with her transparent, vulnerable, and powerful life experiences. You'll wish you could dip the entire book into a bowl of highlighter ink! Thanks for helping me get back on track, Suzie!"

Christy Rodriguez, speaker and writer; director and CEO,

"Suzie Eller invites the reader to sit down and engage in a grace-filled kitchen-table conversation that will change you and the way you see the world. Her thorough examination of Scripture encouraged and emboldened me to fully embrace the power of the Holy Spirit."

Lauren Snodgrass, community outreach coordinator, Canopy Northwest Arkansas

"This book will awaken you to the beautiful reality of living a life led by the Spirit of the living God. You will be empowered from the inside out by this beautiful gift you've been given--the Holy Spirit. Alongside her beautiful testimony of how she began living with a Spirit-led heart, Suzie Eller gives you a blueprint for finding truth that will empower you to live bolder, love deeper, and walk in the humility, grace, and fruit of the Spirit. Suzie has a way with words that demonstrate beautifully her pure surrender to the Holy Spirit operating in and through her to communicate the heart of God for people to receive his Spirit and be led by him alone! Reading this book will give your soul a much-needed drink of living water. You'll be refreshed and renewed. You'll feel your spirit come alive as your soul is revived!" 

Krissy Nelson, author, Created for the Impossible; founder, Not Alone Ministries

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    Suzanne T Eller

    Suzanne (Suzie) Eller ( is a bestselling author, Bible teacher, speaker, and cohost of the More Than Small Talk podcast with Holley Gerth and Jennifer Watson. She is also the host of Prayer Starters on the KLRC...

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