The Potluck Club Cookbook

Easy Recipes to Enjoy with Family and Friends

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From the popular authors of the Potluck Club books comes a cookbook loyal fans (and anyone who likes to eat) won't want to miss. The potluck meal makes sharing good, home-cooked food with family and friends simple and easy. Start with a few (or a lot of) guests, bring delicious dishes to share, and mix with love. A proven recipe for success.
Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson, veterans of countless potluck dinners, have gathered their favorite recipes. From salads to casseroles to slow-cooker delights, there's something for everyone, even those watching their waistlines.

Eating in is the new eating out. These great potluck ideas not only save money, but also build memories to last a lifetime.


"I am no Martha Stewart, or Paula Dean! As a pastor's wife for over twenty years, I feared the church potluck--but no more! Linda Evans Shepherd and Eva Marie Everson have loaded up every woman for success in the kitchen--and better yet, success in all their relationships too. Over a plate of great food, these two serve up love in the form of some great recipes and great ideas sure to nurture the soul."--Pam Farrel, international speaker, relationship specialist, author of over 25 books, including bestselling Men Are Like Waffles, Women Are Like Spaghetti

The Authors

  1. Linda Evans Shepherd

    Linda Evans Shepherd

    Linda Evans Shepherd is an award-winning author, a successful speaker, and a media personality. The president of Right to the Heart Ministries, she is the author of nearly forty books, including When You Don't Know What to...

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  2. Eva Marie Everson

    Eva Marie Everson

    Eva Marie Everson is a successful speaker and the award-winning author of Things Left Unspoken, This Fine Life, and Chasing Sunsets. She is coauthor of the Potluck Club books and the Potluck Catering Club series. She lives in Florida.

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