The Lord's Supper

Our Promised Place of Intimacy and Transformation with Jesus

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"Do this in remembrance of Me."

From the very beginning, the Lord's Supper has stood at the heart of Christian worship. But over the years we've trivialized it, squeezing it in between "real" worship. If Jesus lives in us, and the Holy Spirit is poured out on us, why do we need to eat bread and drink grape juice or wine? Does it really matter?

It does matter--and it's life-changing, says leading Pentecostal theologian Jonathan Black. With warmth and depth, he explores not only how the table is still a powerful place of transformation and encounter with Jesus, but also how we can experience Christ's promise of presence, glory, healing, forgiveness, victory, and intimacy when we answer His call to come to the table.

Whether you're feeling the lack of His presence, are ashamed of sin in your life, or have never felt anything during Communion, Christ's invitation to partake in His feast is your invitation to taste and see that the Lord is good.

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  1. Jonathan Black
    Jamie Winch

    Jonathan Black

    Jonathan Black, PhD, is an ordained pastor and teacher in the Apostolic Church and lecturer in theology at Regents Theological College, West Malvern, UK, where he is also co-director of the Institute for Pentecostal Theology. Originally from Northern Ireland,...

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