The Light and the Glory, Revised and Expanded Edition


series: God's Plan for America

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Did Columbus believe that God called him west to undiscovered lands?

Does American democracy owe its inception to the handful of Pilgrims that settled at Plymouth?

If, indeed, there was a specific, divine call upon this nation, is it still valid today?

The Light and the Glory answers these questions and many more for anyone interested in the founding of the "great experiment" called America. As you consider our nation's history as a part of God's plan, you will begin to have an idea of how much we owe to a very few--and how much is still at stake.

Now revised and expanded for the first time in thirty years, The Light and the Glory is the perfect handbook to our nation's beginnings--and its future.

The Authors

  1. Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall

    Peter Marshall (1940-2010), a graduate of Yale University and Princeton Theological Seminary, was a nationally recognized speaker on Christian growth and maturity and on America's Christian heritage.

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  2. David Manuel

    David Manuel

    David Manuel (1936-2013), a graduate of Yale University, was the author or coauthor of several books, including Like a Mighty River and The Jesus Factor.

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