The Healing Presence

Curing the Soul through Union with Christ

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Leanne Payne explains the basis of her counseling ministry--Christ's indwelling presence that brings the power of the incarnation into wounded lives.



Not often does one find a book of such complete originality and authority as this one. It is in every sense unusual--deeply serious, calmly assured, sensitively and beautifully written; yet strong and uncompromising in its essential message. Its scope is extraordinarily wide.
Leanne Payne writes first and foremost of healing of mind and spirit. Holiness, the God of light and truth and purity, is central, with an urgent warning against the false gods that seek to deceive, corrupt, and cripple us. Consistently she asserts that wholeness comes from the indwelling Presence of Christ.
The great strength of this book is that is goes unerringly to the root of the matter. Mrs. Payne writes with authority gained from personal experience and a long fruitful ministry in counseling. Quotations from writers of various streams (notably C. S. Lewis) show the breadth of her teaching. Awareness of Satan's work, clear insight, and, above all, wisdom, characterize these chapters.
--Donald Wilson, Christian Literature Crusade Floodtide

Mere praise will not do justice to The Healing Presence. Is is far, far too important a book for raves. Mrs. Payne undertakes a searching critique of specious forms of spirituality and the behavioral sciences, even taking on the great Jung himself. The profoundly affecting thing about this book is that one becomes convinced she is right.
--Tom Howard

This is another outstanding book on Christian healing, psychology, and the spiritual life by Leanne Payne. She deserves special praise for the way she clearly identifies the religious and spiritual dangers contained in Jungian psychology. Any Christian experimenting with Jung's ideas should read her treatment.
--Paul Vitz

Here is a book utterly crammed with insights. Mrs. Payne deals firmly with things such as the recent attack on visualization and imagination, yet with grace and kindness. The book is worth its price just for the discussion of Carl Jung's thought on modern Christendom. Mrs. Payne seems to me to be coming along in the great tradition of Dorothy Sayers and C. S. Lewis.
--Rev. Canon Dennis Bennett

The Author

  1. Leanne Payne

    Leanne Payne

    Leanne Payne was founder and president of Pastoral Care Ministries and the author of many articles and books, including Real Presence, Restoring the Christian Soul, and Listening Prayer.

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