The Gospel of John, Volume 1

The Coming of the Light (John 1–4)

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The Gospel of John, says James Montgomery Boice, is "a powerful source of instruction and comfort to many millions of God's people down through the ages of church history."

Exploring chapters 1-4, this first volume on the Gospel of John is an insightful study and devotional guide for serious Bible students as well as interested laypersons. James Montgomery Boice explores the coming of Jesus Christ and discusses the initial reaction some people had toward him. Topics include

"Light for Every Man" (1:9)
"The Mark of the Christian" (1:35-51)
"Was Jesus Christ a Revolutionary?" (2:12-17)
"God's Greatest Gift" (3:16)
"Last Words of a Humble Man" (3:22-30)
"Christ, the Soul Winner" (4:30)

This expositional commentary on one of the Bible's most popular books combines careful scholarship and clear communication in a verse-by-verse and section-by-section reading of the biblical text. Integrating thoughtful interpretation with contemporary insight for daily living, James Montgomery Boice explains the meaning of the text and relates the text's concerns to the church, Christianity, and the world in which we live.

The Author

  1. James Montgomery Boice

    James Montgomery Boice

    James Montgomery Boice (1938-2000) was senior pastor of Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He was also president and cofounder of the Alliance of Confessing Evangelicals, the parent organization of The Bible Study Hour, on which Boice was a...

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