The God You Thought You Knew

Exposing the 10 Biggest Myths About Christianity

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Maybe We've Been Wrong About God All This Time

We call this the information age, but it's also the age of misinformation--especially when it comes to God and Christianity. Many of us believe the Christian God is far away and unapproachable, that we have to be good to be accepted by him, and that the Bible is just an antiquated list of do's and don'ts. But maybe none of that is true. Maybe we've gotten it wrong.

Instead of proofs for God's existence, what we really need are compelling reasons to want to know him, and those reasons are more personal than we sometimes think. Through sharing his own story, author and speaker Alex McFarland shows how the God you thought you knew actually cares about you--about the rejection and loneliness you feel. It's time to replace the half-truths and lies we believe about ourselves with his overwhelming love and forgiveness.

We all want acceptance and purpose. Let this book teach you how to be anchored in the security that comes through knowing God for who he really is.


"Our buddy Alex McFarland is helping this generation understand who Jesus truly is. He presents the truth clearly and without compromise. For those who want to be equipped to 'live loud' for Jesus, or for those who are asking themselves, 'Is all this God stuff really true?' grab a copy of this book!"

David and Jason, The Benham Brothers

"Alex McFarland has done it again! Through preaching, writing, mentoring, and consulting, Alex has become a pivotal voice in the advancement of God's kingdom today. I recommend this book wholeheartedly."

David Nasser, author, speaker, senior vice president of Liberty University

"Straightforward, honest, and compelling. Believers who care about reaching the next generation with the best news of all history will profit not only from the content of this book but by the spirit of love and hope in which it's written."

Tony Perkins, president, Family Research Council

"It's tragic that slanderous sound bites and unsubstantiated assumptions stand in between so many people and their Creator. Thankfully, Alex McFarland is able to add clarity where there is confusion and truth where there is myth. Don't buy one, buy two--and read it together with an unbelieving friend."

John Stonestreet, speaker and fellow, the Chuck Colson Center for Christian Worldview; senior content advisor, Summit Ministries

"Whatever myths you have come to believe about Christianity or her Christ, Alex McFarland busts in this book. If you want to be set free from the lies you've been told, live into the truth offered here."

Carmen Fowler LaBerge, president, The Presbyterian Lay Committee

"Alex takes the truth of the Word of God and shows plainly and clearly that it is timely, relevant, and truthful to the fast-paced, changing culture of today."

Carlton Gerrell, executive pastor/administrator, Tennessee Valley Community Church, Paris, Tennessee

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  1. Alex McFarland

    Alex McFarland

    Alex McFarland ( is a speaker, writer, and apologist. He has preached in over 1,500 different churches throughout North America and internationally, and has been featured at conferences such as the Billy Graham School of Evangelism, Focus...

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