The Essential Guide to Healing

Equipping All Christians to Pray for the Sick

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You can help people stop suffering.
You can make a difference in your world.
You can help deliver God's healing power.

For the first time, pastors and bestselling authors Bill Johnson and Randy Clark team up to equip all Christians to minister healing. Sharing inspiring and exciting stories—and grounded from start to finish in Scripture--Johnson and Clark lay out practical, proven, step-by-step guidance to ministering healing, including how to


The ministry of healing is not reserved for a select few. God's miraculous healing is part of the Good News, and you, too, can become a powerful conduit for the healing power He loves to manifest.

"It is our hope that each of you will begin to pray for others to be healed after reading this book... and that some of you will discover that God has given you a gift of healing." --Randy Clark and Bill Johnson

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"It is a privilege for me to endorse The Essential Guide to Healing. It is co-authored by two very dear friends who are heroes of the faith. They are blazing a way forward for thousands desperate to see the miraculous stories of the New Testament live again to transform lives and ministry. This book is a game-changer. It will transform you. It will revolutionize your life and ministry."
--John Arnott, Catch the Fire Ministries, Toronto

"Randy's and Bill's lives are an incredible example of the supernaturally practical message of compassion. Their teaching and lives continue to pioneer the restoration of healing power available to every single believer. Both are prophetic declarations of the tremendous fruit that comes from living in intimacy with our Savior. The Essential Guide to Healing is an excellent teaching tool that points us not only to God's power but also to the very nature of Jesus. Healings and miracles reveal God's huge heart of love. Read this book and watch God do wonders through you."
--Heidi Baker, founding director, Iris Global

"Randy Clark and Bill Johnson lay out a solid biblical foundation and offer the practical and profound wisdom of both men's powerful healing ministries. Randy lays out a helpful historical and theological background for healing and the gifts of the Spirit. Bill gives a persuasive, big-picture view of how God wants heaven to invade earth through us, the Body of Christ. I highly recommend this book."
--Gary S. Greig, former associate professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, School of Divinity, Regent University

"God is working in ways that surprise many of us. We may well not all agree how to understand all the details, but the experiences in this book challenge us to learn more about God's power and about His loving care for the afflicted."
--Craig Keener, professor of New Testament, Asbury Theological Seminary

"Randy Clark and Bill Johnson are the leading teachers of our time on the theology and practice of Christian healing. By generously sharing their spiritual wisdom on 'best practices' and their testimony of how tangible these healings can be, their book The Essential Guide to Healing is a precious gift to all of us who want to see prayer-mediated healing integrated into the wider world of evidence-based medicine."
--Martin Moore-Ede, M.D., Ph.D.; chairman, Global Medical Research Institute; former professor, Harvard Medical School

"Randy Clark and Bill Johnson have a passion for healing and have inspired and activated countless 'little old me's' around the world to pray for the sick and see them recover. Bill and Randy are honest about their struggles in pursuing healing. This encourages all of us to step out of the box and seek first the Kingdom of God, which includes healing."
--David Zaritzky, M.D., High Point, North Carolina

"You will be riveted by The Essential Guide to Healing, by both the theology of healing so clearly explained and the practical applications that these two apostolic leaders have been teaching daily for years now. Some parts of healing remain a holy mystery in God, but it has been written that God reveals His secrets to His friends. Since Randy and Bill are known as friends of God, that may explain why there is so much wisdom and revelation packed into one volume."
--Steve Mory, M.D., Nashville, Tennessee

"The Essential Guide to Healing is a precious jewel for God's healing. This Spirit-led book guides us into healing step-by-step through concrete instructions, helpful examples, biblical theology, humble attitudes, honest words of knowledge and genuine prayers. The truthful heart of Christ's love for the afflicted overflows through this guide. It is a must-read for all pastors and leaders of the church."
--Andrew Sung Park, professor of theology and ethics, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, Ohio

"The Essential Guide to Healing by Bill Johnson and Randy Clark honestly fulfills the promise of its title. These authors are both gifted mightily in healing and provide a profoundly biblical, historical and reasoned case for their experiences. Essential Guide is simply the most balanced, informed and useful book on healing I've seen."
--Jon Mark Ruthven, professor emeritus of theology, School of Divinity, Regent University; author, On the Cessation of the Charismata

"Bill Johnson and Randy Clark have capably captured the essence of training believers to engage in healing ministry effectively and confidently. As a pastor and theologian who teaches healing on a doctoral level, I find The Essential Guide to Healing theologically sound, practical and simple to implement. It will stir more people to step out with faith and passion to fulfill Jesus' Kingdom call to heal the sick."
--Paul L. King, D.Min., D.Th.; professor, Oral Roberts University; author, God's Healing Arsenal

The Authors

  1. Bill Johnson
    Photo by: Heather Armstrong

    Bill Johnson

    Bill Johnson ( is senior leader of Bethel Church in Redding, California. A fifth-generation pastor with a rich heritage in the power of the Spirit, he is the bestselling author of When Heaven Invades Earth. Bill and his wife, Beni, serve a...

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  2. Randy Clark

    Randy Clark

    Randy Clark, with a D.Min. from United Theological Seminary and a M.Div. from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, is the founder of Global Awakening (, a teaching, healing, and impartation ministry that crosses denominational...

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