The Dynamics of Preaching

series: Ministry Dynamics for a New Century

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Preachers of God's Word need encouragement and inspiration along the way. Respected author and preacher Warren Wiersbe utilizes fifty years of experience to crystallize the unchanging principles of preaching.

With his usual clear style and common sense, Wiersbe answers the questions What good is preaching? and What is good preaching? He draws from the examples of classic preachers and urges readers to speak to their listeners' present and personal situations.

In concise, readable chapters Wiersbe reviews topics ranging from what a preacher is to how to choose sermon themes. He provides practical suggestions for how to be understood, while inciting preachers' imagination to deeper creativity.

The Dynamics of Preaching is one of the first in a six-volume series that provides both experienced and beginning pastors with concise information to help them perform the task of ministry with efficiency, fruitfulness, and joy. Rooted in basic principles rather than passing fads, these practical books by recognized authorities address topics of perennial interest and offer sound guidance.

The Author

  1. Warren W. Wiersbe

    Warren W. Wiersbe

    Warren W. Wiersbe (1929-2019) was pastor of The Moody Church and the author or editor of more than 160 books, including 50 People Every Christian Should Know, This Is the Life!, and On Being a Servant of God.

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"Few people know preaching as well as Warren Wiersbe. This gifted preacher and Bible teacher is the author of countless books, including several outstanding volumes about the practice and history of preaching. In this brief volume Wiersbe goes back to the basics in a book that will be enjoyed by both novice preachers and experienced preachers....Wiersbe's volume touches on topics that will not be new to readers, but he addresses them in a fresh and enjoyable manner that will encourage the most veteran preacher. At the same time, this book will be a tremendous guide to the younger preacher who is seeking to become more firmly established in his calling and craft."--Preaching (March/April 2000)