The Dynamics of Church Leadership

series: Ministry Dynamics for a New Century

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Set within the fictional story of a successful, experienced pastor counseling a younger, struggling peer, Aubrey Malphurs explores the essential elements of pastoral leadership in a changing world. He provides pastors the opportunity to examine their vocation's structure and participate in a process of definition and discovery in the following areas:

- balancing achievement with personal character development

- understanding the three-faceted role of leader, protector, and teacher

- defining core values, mission statement, and strategy

- clarifying relationships with congregation, staff, and board

- developing a theology to accommodate change and the surrounding culture

Included are a core values audit for use in the church and sample core values and vision statements.

The Dynamics of Church Leadership is one of the first in a six-volume series that provides both experienced and beginning pastors with concise information to help them perform the task of ministry with efficiency, fruitfulness, and joy. Rooted in basic principles rather than passing fads, these practical books by recognized authorities address topics of perennial interest and offer sound guidance.


The Author

  1. Aubrey Malphurs

    Aubrey Malphurs

    Aubrey Malphurs (1944-2022) was senior professor of leadership and pastoral ministry at Dallas Theological Seminary for many years, as well as founder of the Malphurs Group. He was the author of more than twenty books on leadership development, strategic...

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