The Disciple-Making Pastor, Revised and Expanded Edition

Leading Others on the Journey of Faith

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Christ commanded the church to make disciples, to produce people who love and obey God, bear fruit, and live with joy. The crisis at the heart of the church is that we often pay lip service to making disciples, but we seldom put much effort behind doing it. For the pastor who is ready to put words into action, The Disciple-Making Pastor offers the inspiration and practical know-how to do so.

Bill Hull shows pastors the obstacles they will face, what disciples really look like, the pastor's role in producing them, and the practices that lead to positive change. He also offers a six-step coaching process to help new disciples grow in commitment and obedience, and practical ideas to integrate disciple making into the fabric of the church.


"If we are going to see Christians in this country reflect Christ's values, we need to get back to serious biblical discipleship. The pastor is the key to this effort. Bill Hull's book is the best work I've read on this issue. It is must reading for every pastor and seminary student in our land."
--Ron Jenson, president, Life Coach Foundation

"Every decade a few books are written which clearly define the critical issues, masterfully present the biblical truths, and radically challenge traditional approaches. The Disciple-Making Pastor is such a book! . . . I highly recommend it."
--Dann Spader, former director of Son Life, Moody Bible Institute

"Carefully guides pastors through a reevaluation of their function and priorities so that they can 'reshape the face of pastoral ministry' and become disciple-making pastors who ignite the church to action."
--Jim Westgate, executive director, Church Ministries Department, Evangelical Free Church of America

"Here is a message men and women aspiring to church leadership need to hear and ponder."
--Robert E. Coleman, from the foreword

"Nothing is more important in a disciple-making book than the quality of the life of the disciple who wrote it. Observing the humility and growth in Bill Hull's life these past ten years freed me to recommend this valuable book to you. As he confirms, 'It is more important to be a disciple than to have a plan to make disciples.' Don't miss the Further Reflections sections--they demonstrate a keen perspective on the Christian community today."--Dr. Bruce McNicol, president, Leadership Catalyst; coauthor, TrueFaced and The Ascent of a Leader

The Author

  1. Bill Hull

    Bill Hull

    Bill Hull is a writer and discipleship evangelist as well as the founder of T-Net International, a ministry devoted to transforming churches into disciple-making churches. He has spent more than twenty years as a pastor and is the author of several books, including...

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"Every pastor would benefit by reading [this book] and every church would benefit by that same pastor's practice of its content."

"Must reading for the concerned pastor and the leadership of the local church. . . . Fresh and innovative."
--Truth Aflame

"Solid, practical material on how to transform church members who depend on the pastor for everything into disciples who reproduce themselves and multiply their results through others."
--Net Results