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The Big Idea Companion for Preaching and Teaching

A Guide from Genesis to Revelation

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Preaching 2022 Book of the Year

Haddon Robinson's widely used and influential text, Biblical Preaching, has influenced generations of students and preachers. In The Big Idea Companion for Preaching and Teaching, trusted leading evangelical homileticians, teachers of preaching, and experienced pastors demonstrate that Robinson's "big idea" approach to expository preaching still works in today's diverse cultures and fast-paced world.

This accessible resource offers an insider's view on figuring out the big idea of each book of the Bible, helping preachers and teachers check their interpretation of particular biblical books and passages. The contributors offer tips on how to divide each book of the Bible into preaching and teaching passages, guidance on difficult passages and verses, cultural perspectives for faithful application, and suggested resources for interpreting, preaching, and teaching. Pastors, teachers, Bible study leaders, small groups, and college and seminary students and professors will find a wealth of valuable information in this resource.


Introduction Matthew D. Kim
The Old Testament
Genesis Casey C. Barton
Exodus Nathaniel M. Wright
Leviticus Bruce W. Fong
Numbers Sid Buzzell
Deuteronomy Patricia M. Batten
Joshua Chris Rappazini
Judges Gregory K. Hollifield
Ruth Patricia M. Batten
1 Samuel J. Kent Edwards
2 Samuel J. Kent Edwards
1 Kings Steven D. Mathewson
2 Kings Steven D. Mathewson
1 Chronicles Gregory K. Hollifield
2 Chronicles Paul A. Hoffman
Ezra Timothy Bushfield
Nehemiah Matthew D. Kim
Esther Scott M. Gibson
Job Ken Shigematsu
Psalms Kenneth Langley
Proverbs Steven D. Mathewson
Ecclesiastes Calvin W. Choi
Song of Songs Pablo A. Jiménez
Isaiah Andrew C. Thompson
Jeremiah Julian R. Gotobed
Lamentations Casey C. Barton
Ezekiel Andrew C. Thompson
Daniel Scott A. Wenig
Hosea Chris Rappazini
Joel Andrew C. Thompson
Amos Joel C. Gregory
Obadiah Matthew D. Kim
Jonah Matthew D. Kim
Micah Brandon R. Cash
Nahum France B. Brown Jr.
Habakkuk Heather Joy Zimmerman
Zephaniah France B. Brown Jr.
Haggai Kenneth Langley
Zechariah Gregory K. Hollifield
Malachi Timothy Bushfield
The New Testament
Matthew Scott A. Wenig
Mark Patricia M. Batten
Luke Julian R. Gotobed
John Mary S. Hulst
Acts Brandon R. Cash
Romans Calvin W. Choi
1 Corinthians Joel C. Gregory
2 Corinthians Casey C. Barton
Galatians Paul A. Hoffman
Ephesians Sid Buzzell
Philippians Scott M. Gibson
Colossians France B. Brown Jr.
1 Thessalonians Heather Joy Zimmerman
2 Thessalonians Heather Joy Zimmerman
1 Timothy Chris Rappazini
2 Timothy Chris Rappazini
Titus Scott M. Gibson
Philemon Paul A. Hoffman
Hebrews Pablo A. Jiménez
James Joel C. Gregory
1 Peter Alison Gerber
2 Peter Gregory K. Hollifield
1 John Joel C. Gregory
2 John David A. Currie
3 John David A. Currie
Jude Kenneth Langley
Revelation David L. Mathewson
Conclusion Scott M. Gibson


"Expository preachers begin at the very beginning (a very good place to start). They ask, 'What is God saying and doing in the text?' This reference work helps us answer questions like this with the methodology formulated more than forty years ago by Haddon Robinson. And it goes beyond Robinson's classic Biblical Preaching with an emphasis on cultural application. Timeless yet up to date, The Big Idea Companion for Preaching and Teaching will benefit anyone who desires to herald the Word."

Jeffrey Arthurs, professor of preaching and communication, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary

The Authors

  1. Matthew D. Kim
    Used with permission © Baylor University

    Matthew D. Kim

    Matthew D. Kim (PhD, University of Edinburgh) is professor of preaching and pastoral leadership and holder of the George W. Truett Endowed Chair of Preaching and Evangelism at Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University, in Waco, Texas. He is a past...

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  2. Scott M. Gibson

    Scott M. Gibson

    Scott M. Gibson (DPhil, University of Oxford) is the David E. Garland Chair of Preaching and director of the PhD program in preaching at George W. Truett Theological Seminary, Baylor University, in Waco, Texas. He previously served as the Haddon W....

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Preaching 2022 Book of the Year