The Bible Study

A One-Year Study of the Entire Bible and How It Relates to You

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A Clear, Simple Guide through the Bible

Now in one volume and redesigned to help you understand God's Word even better, The Bible Study is your one-year roadmap through Scripture.

DAILY OR WEEKLY READING PLANS provide an uncomplicated, manageable way to personalize your study of the Bible and grow as a Christian.

THOUGHT-PROVOKING QUESTIONS AND SPACE TO WRITE help you discover what the readings mean and apply what you're learning to your daily life.

OVERVIEWS AND BACKGROUND INFORMATION for each book of the Bible provide helpful context to the big and small aspects of Scripture.

With colorful imagery and an engaging design to propel you forward, this easy-to-use study--whether self-led or done with friends--offers a transformative way to connect deeper with God.

Join more than 500,000 others who are learning the Bible like never before!

The Author

  1. Zach Windahl

    Zach Windahl

    Zach Windahl is an author and entrepreneur with a passion for creating resources to help people grow in their faith and be less overwhelmed by the Bible. He is the founder of The Brand Sunday and the author of several books, including The Bible...

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