The Bible Recap for Kids

A 365-Day Guide through the Bible for Young Readers

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Understanding the Bible Isn't Just for Grown-Ups!

God gave us the wonderful gift of the Bible so we could see what He's like and know Him for ourselves. But what are we supposed to do with the confusing parts? Or the stuff that seems . . . um . . . skippable?

By popular demand, here is a kid-friendly edition of The Bible Recap, based on the same reading plan as the original book and podcast. This book will walk you through the entire Bible with simple, one-page recaps that explain each day's passage, plus relatable God Shots that point out what Scripture says about God's character. There are also plenty of fun and helpful illustrations, as well as weekly summaries to reinforce key truths.

Each recap takes about three minutes to read. And although the book is set up so you can read the entire Bible in a year, it's okay if you miss a few days or go at your own pace.

When you read this book alongside your own Bible (or an audio Bible, if you prefer), you'll begin developing the daily habit of spending time with God. Most important, you'll get to know Him and discover that He's where the joy is!

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  1. Tara-Leigh Cobble
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    Tara-Leigh Cobble

    Tara-Leigh Cobble is a Wall Street Journal bestselling author, creator of The Bible Recap line of books, and the creator and host of the daily podcast The Bible Recap, which has garnered over 300 million downloads. She is also the founder...

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