The 100 Most Asked Questions about God and the Bible

Scripture’s Answers on Sin, Salvation, Sexuality, End Times, Heaven, and More

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What do you want to know about God and the Bible?

Sometimes the truth can be hard to find. We live in an age where it only takes a few seconds to look up anything we want to know. But how reliable are the answers we get?

For more than two decades, S. Michael Houdmann and have cut through the confusion, answering even the hardest of questions with clarity, grace, and love. receives more than sixteen million visitors each month and is the most trusted, biblically grounded resource online. This book answers one hundred of the most frequently asked questions on the site in a compassionate, accessible, and straightforward manner, covering topics like

· salvation and how we're supposed to live
· heaven and the afterlife
· sex
· difficult passages in the Bible
· the end times
· and more

People have big questions, and the answers have real-world consequences. Here is the biblical truth we all need to better understand God, ourselves, and the world we live in.


"The 100 Most Asked Questions About God and the Bible is essential for anyone who has ever had a question about the Bible; and let's be honest, that includes all of us. It is fascinating to see what the top one hundred questions are and encouraging to see them answered from God's Word. This book is indispensable for anyone seeking to speak truth into a culture ruled by lies."

Pastor Jack Hibbs, Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

"The 100 Most Asked Questions about God and the Bible, tackling a hundred challenging questions, is brimming with wisdom and a beacon of clarity for all Christians. I love how the book flows and invites you to jump into a wide range of topics that provide solid biblical answers that will build confidence as you grow and share your faith."

Jason Jimenez, founder and president of Stand Strong Ministries and bestselling author

"This book is an invaluable resource for anyone who is searching for biblical answers to some of the most popular questions people have about the Christian faith. It's also a great apologetic resource to use in conversations with your children and those seeking to obtain a deeper understanding of what Christians believe. I encourage all Christians to not only get a copy of this book, but more importantly, read it in depth to provide a solid foundation to their theological beliefs." 

Allen Parr, author of Misled:7 Lies that Distort the Gospel and Christian YouTuber on The B.E.A.T.

"Our children have questions, and the Bible has answers. The problem is we are not always sure how to help our children find those answers. The 100 Most Asked Questions About God and the Bible helps solve this problem, modeling how to examine the Bible as a whole to answer challenging questions. I highly recommend that every Christian parent keep this book on hand as they seek to guide their children in the truth."  

Elizabeth Urbanowicz, founder, Foundation Worldview

" is my go-to resource and recommendation for people who have questions about the Christian worldview. It is arguably the best collection of answers for questions in a skeptical age. That's why The 100 Most Asked Questions About God and the Bible is such a valuable book. No one is better equipped to collect and answer these questions than S. Michael Houdmann. If you're looking for a powerful, concise, and targeted resource to grow your faith or reach your friends, get this book!"

J. Warner Wallace, Dateline featured cold-case detective, senior fellow at the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, professor of apologetics, and author

"My good friend, S. Michael Houdmann, has done all of us a huge service in writing and now making available this amazing resource: The 100 Most Asked Questions About God and the Bible. Anyone serious about the Bible and being ready to give reasons for their hope in Christ needs this book!"

Mark Yarbrough, PhD; president, Dallas Theological Seminary

"S. Michael Houdmann, founder and president of, has compiled the most asked questions into an outstanding resource for Christians and for churches. Both detailed and accessible, Houdmann provides straight answers to tough questions, common confusions, and outright challenges to the faith. Covering the Old and New Testament, core Christian doctrine, ancient historical trivia, and practical applications, The 100 Most Asked Questions About God and the Bible consistently communicates with grace and truth. Most of all, Houdmann doesn't hold back from declaring--firmly but lovingly--the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pick up this book! It is a must for every Christian and church library!"

Dr. Christopher Yuan, speaker; author of Holy Sexuality and the Gospel, and producer of The Holy Sexuality Project

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    S. Michael Houdmann

    S. Michael Houdmann ( is the founder and CEO of Got Questions Ministries. For more than two decades he has been accountable for the content of every answer on the website, literally reading, reviewing, and/or answering...

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