Tempted, Tested, True

A Proven Path to Overcoming Soul-Robbing Choices

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Real, Lasting Victory Over Temptation

There's no use pretending: Everybody struggles with temptations. Sometimes those struggles can wear us down and we don't know where to turn. But as authors Dr. Arnie Cole and Michael Ross write, "Each struggle presents us with an opportunity for growth and intimacy with God--not condemnation."

Using real-life stories and information gathered from over 100,000 surveys, Tempted, Tested, True gives you a step-by-step process for resisting harmful choices through the power of God's Word. This book will show you how to live in the freedom God wants for you.


Eighty-five percent of American Christians describe themselves as 'defeated by temptation and life-controlling problems.' That's insane, yet that's exactly what Arnie Cole and Michael Ross discovered in Back to the Bible's latest research. And that's why they wrote Tempted, Tested, True. It's a must-read for churches, families--everyone!

Susie Shellenberger, editor of Sisterhood magazine and the author of 51 books, including What Your Daughter Isn't Telling You

The Authors

  1. Arnie Cole

    Arnie Cole

    Arnie Cole (EdD, Pepperdine) is the CEO of Back to the Bible and Director of Research and Development for the Center for Bible Engagement. He has spent much of his professional life tracking trends of human behavior and developing programs that can help change...

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  2. Michael Ross
    © Michael Heath

    Michael Ross

    Michael Ross is a veteran youth communicator who has authored numerous books for young people, including the Gold Medallion winner BOOM: A Guy's Guide to Growing Up and a bestselling devotional, Faith That Breathes. Michael and his family live in...

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"After eight years of research involving 100,000 Christians of all ages, authors Arnie Cole and Michael Ross offer powerful insights on the subject of temptation....a great resource for group study and discussion, and the 'nudges' provide a guide for lively group participation."

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