Teach Me How to Prosper

Biblical Keys to Supernatural Abundance

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Move from the Land of Lack to God's Land of Promise

The Bible says God has plans to prosper us, not to harm us. Yet few topics cause as much harm as the topic of prosperity--leaving many in the church hurt and confused.

In this powerful, biblically balanced book, apostolic leader and pastor Dr. Kynan Bridges asks the hard questions about this misunderstood and divisive topic, diving into what the Bible truly teaches about prosperity, poverty, finances, and abundance. Through piercing, Spirit-led insight and candid testimonies, he helps you

· lean into God's purpose for prosperity
· discern between real and false prosperity
· cooperate with the Spirit of divine increase
· renounce and overcome poverty in all areas of life
· experience abundance and the power of blessing
· prosper in the end times

The doorway to your destiny is found on the path to prosperity. It's time to step into His supernatural provision, advance His kingdom, and transform lives!

The Author

  1. Kynan Bridges

    Kynan Bridges

    Dr. Kynan Bridges is the senior pastor of Grace & Peace Global Fellowship in Tampa, Florida. A highly sought-after speaker and published author of several books, Dr. Bridges is known for his dynamic teaching ministry and practical approach to applying the...

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