Take Every Thought Captive

Exchange Lies of the Enemy for the Mind of Christ

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Is the battle in your mind raging? Here is how to win it.

Your thought life determines your whole life. The enemy wants you chained to hopeless, powerless, and worthless thoughts so you don't trust your victorious God. Do you ever think, I can't do this . . . I'll never be . . . I'm not good enough . . . There is no way . . . ?

The enemy lies, but what supersedes those lies is truth. Truth, when seized, has the power to speak louder than fear, insecurity, and worry. Only by exchanging the lies of the enemy for the mind of Christ will your mind become truly rewired, renewed, and transformed.

In Take Every Thought Captive, Kelly Balarie shows you how to
· immediately recognize the lies of the enemy
· effectively replace those lies with God's truth
· continually connect with the mind of Christ
· proactively recognize schemes of the enemy before they start

Your mind doesn't have to hold you back any longer; God's truth has all power to set you free.

The Author

  1. Kelly Balarie
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    Kelly Balarie

    Kelly Balarie is the author of Fear Fighting, Battle Ready, and Rest Now. When speaking at women's conferences around the nation, Kelly delights in joining hands with women as they go through life's ups and downs. To see marriages...

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