Straight Talk on Spiritual Power

Experiencing the Fullness of God in the Church

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Every church wants to experience the fullness of God, but many feel discomfort and confusion when the question of gifts of the Holy Spirit is raised. What does it mean to move in the power of the Holy Spirit? Isn't the issue of gifts of the Spirit divisive to evangelical churches?
Straight Talk on Spiritual Power begins with Bill Hull's own theological journey from being a student at a charismatic university to a cessationist to a pastor with a moderate position affirming the full ministry of the Holy Spirit in the church today. Using Jesus as the ultimate model, Hull searches the Scriptures and finds a consistent balance between the Word of God and the power of the Spirit. He shares the gradual change in his own church as it grew to experience the gospel with power, the Holy Spirit, and deep conviction.
Conscious of the fears and confusion often surrounding this topic, Hull carefully looks at topics such as speaking in tongues, baptism in the Holy Spirit, healing, prophecy, and miracles, and offers thorough scriptural as well as practical instruction.


"One of the most important topics facing the Church today is that of authentic Spiritual Power. I believe that every reader will be both challenged and helped by Bill Hull's thoughtful 'straight talk' on this significant subject." -Dr. Paul Cedar, chairman, Mission America Coalition

"Bill writes the way he lives--with self-effacing humor and a courageous desire to live the truth. STRAIGHT TALK ON SPIRITUAL POWER surveys the promises God gives for spiritual power and asks with candor, 'How does a leader appropriate God's power more fully and release it in the church?'" -Brad Brinson, pastor, Two Rivers Church

"Balance, balance, balance! Bill Hull's book STRAIGHT TALK ON SPIRITUAL POWER is one of the most balanced books on the subject of spiritual power. He is honest and bold. For him, spiritual power is not a matter of either/or, but of both/and. It is a part of becoming a disciple of Jesus. His argument, though simply written, is intently biblical in that it follows the scriptural path wherever it leads. I am convinced that this book will challenge and bless every reader not only in English-speaking countries, but also in other parts of the world, including here in Korea." -Dr. John Han Hum Oak, senior pastor, SaRang Community Church, Seoul, Korea

"Bill Hull's earlier books on discipleship brought new life and fresh purpose to thousands of churches, including my own. Now, Bill breaks new ground by defining a disciple as a person who ministers as Jesus himself ministered--in supernatural power. A very helpful, balanced contribution to the growing literature seeking to wed Word and power in the church's ministry of disciplemaking." -Doug Banister, DMin, president, Venture 29/7; author, THE WORD AND POWER CHURCH and THE SACRED QUEST; teaching pastor, Fellowship Church, Tennessee

"Personal and deeply moving--honest, very helpful and full of practical insight. I loved it." -Reverend Prebendary Sandy Millar, Holy Trinity Brompton

"The division between so-called word and power churches has left both sides with a deep spiritual deficit. Bill's unique background and experiences within the two camps make him an ideal spokesman to challenge both sides to reexamine their traditions and practices in light of scripture and the realities of front-line ministry. This book will impact your paradigms; renew your hunger for God - and as you work through to your own conclusions-- make your walk with God and your ministry more balanced and spiritually powerful. Read it!" -Dr. Larry Osborne, senior pastor, North Coast Church, Vista, California

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  1. Bill Hull

    Bill Hull

    Bill Hull is a writer and discipleship evangelist as well as the founder of T-Net International, a ministry devoted to transforming churches into disciple-making churches. He has spent more than twenty years as a pastor and is the author of several books, including...

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