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Uncovering God's Plan to Restore Your Mental Health

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Please stay. The world is so much better with you in it.

Every forty seconds, someone takes his or her life. Anxiety, depression, and suicide are at all-time highs--and they're stealing our sons, daughters, friends, and spouses.

With tender passion and bold hope, Jacob Coyne, founder of Stay Here, infuses life into the dark corners of mental health. Giving hurting souls a reason to live, he shows not only how Jesus brings life to the full, but also how anyone--regardless of their past or pain--can find healing, including how to

· attack our anxiety and calm our storms;
· defeat depression and live with a sound mind;
· overcome intrusive suicidal thoughts and enjoy life; and
· transform pain, trauma, suicidal thoughts, and addictions into purpose.

It's okay to not be okay--but you don't have to stay that way. It's time to shine the hope of Christ into the darkness and witness His love transform broken souls into living, breathing signs to live.


"One of the greatest joys of my life is seeing the brokenhearted discover freedom and healing. For that reason, I am very excited for the release of Stay Here. Author Jacob Coyne's passion and anointing are evident throughout this wonderful book. I love the brilliant combination of biblical insights from Scripture and real-life stories of redemption. Stay Here will equip many to access the healing power and fullness of life that are promised to every person through Jesus."

Bill Johnson, senior leader of Bethel Church, Redding, CA, and author of Born for Significance and God is Good

"I am grateful for Jacob's friendship, commitment to the gospel, and the mission of Stay Here. This part of the book really needs to be shouted from the rooftops: 'It's okay to not to be okay, but it's not okay to stay that way.' I'm glad that I chose to not stay that way; I'm glad that I chose to stay here."

Joshua Broome, co-founder of Share the King; husband, father, preacher, and author

"Suicide is a modern-day plague that has stained an entire generation. I have met countless students who have attempted suicide, and countless more who know friends whose stories ended too soon. In Stay Here, my friend Jacob Coyne writes a call to action that all of us can be part of. Whether this is part of your story or not, I can assure you it has touched every teenager and twentysomething you know. Read this book as a lifeline. Read it to understand. Read this to join a movement of those standing in the gap for this generation to STAY HERE!"

Nick Hall, evangelist and founder of Pulse and the Together movement

"For too long, many have remained silent about the battle taking place in countless lives. That is why Stay Here is such a needed message.My friend Jacob Coyne shares with authenticity and authority about the impact of mental health, suicide, and the hope that is available to every person through Jesus."

Tyler Sollie, Life Center Church

"Stay Here by Jacob Coyne is a powerful book that exposes the lies of suicide and offers help to anyone who has struggled with their mental health. With honesty and compassion, Jacob shares his own journey of overcoming depression and finding hope in Christ. This book is a must-read for anyone seeking to overcome the darkness of suicidal thoughts and discover the light of hope
and healing."

Pastor Mike Signorelli, lead pastor of V1 Church

"There is no one I know with a more anointed and authoritative message around setting Gen Z free from suicide and depression than Jacob Coyne. This book is timely, powerful, and needed."

Grant Skeldon, Next Gen director at THINQ; author of The Passion Generation

"Jacob Coyne and Stay Here are leading the way in lifting a spirit of death off an entire generation. In a world where suicide rates are ever on the rise, Stay Here offers a message of hope and healing for all those fighting against the darkness of anxiety, depression, and despair. At the turn of every page, we hear echoes of the Savior Himself: 'I have come that they may have LIFE, and life to the full.'"

Colby Maier, pastor of Bloom church

"There are few people I admire as much as my brother Jacob. His heart to see generations free from suicide and mental health issues is provoking. I know his book Stay Here will bring freedom to the heart of every reader. A mental health revival is on the horizon."

Jonah Coyne, co-founder of Stay Here and central student pastor of Gateway Church

"In Stay Here, Jacob gives us a needed message for this generation. He has a unique way of confronting the reality of the challenges we face while standing firm in the hope of Jesus. I can't encourage you enough to read this book and buy it for others. It is transformational."

Jessika Tate, founder and president of Yielded Ministries

"Jacob's message is the way through anxiety and depression. It's okay not to be okay, but you don't have to stay that way. I find so much hope in the pages of this book, and you can too."

Rebekah Lyons, bestselling author of Rhythms of Renewal

"Jacob Coyne is one of our generation's greatest encouragers on the topic of soul care and mental health. 'Stay here' is his life message, and throughout this book, you'll discover that Jesus sees your internal struggle more clearly than anyone, yet he loves you more than anyone."

Judah Smith, lead pastor of Churchome

"It's concerning to witness the mental health crisis that has engulfed a generation. Social media and constant comparison have left them grappling with negative effects. They've been crying for help, but we've been ignoring their pleas for too long. Thankfully, Jacob has stepped up with a powerful message--Stay here!--reminding them of their significance. It's time for us to act, and I am deeply grateful that this book inspires us to do so."

Becky Johnson, executive pastor of Jesus Culture Sacramento

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  1. Jacob Coyne
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    Jacob Coyne

    Jacob Coyne is a speaker, a Christian content creator, and the founder of Stay Here, a mental health organization that raises awareness through bold and encouraging messaging and equips others to save lives from suicide. With more than 1.4 million social media...

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