She Led the Way

Stories of Black Women Who Changed History

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"I've always believed I could do whatever I set my mind to do."--Alice Coachman (1923-2014), Olympic gold medalist in high jump

Did you know . . .

· Born into slavery, Rebecca Crumpler became the first Black female physician in America.

· Stuntwoman Bessie Coleman was the first Black person in the world to obtain a pilot's license.

· The work of Harlem Renaissance sculptor Selma Burke can be found on the American dime.

· The calculations of NASA mathematician Katherine Goble Johnson were critical to the success of US manned spaceflight.

These Black women and many more overcame tremendous obstacles and prejudices to make their mark on American history. In She Led the Way, you'll read the inspiring stories of fourteen innovative, courageous, artistic, and driven women. Despite living in a world that was too often indifferent and even hostile, these women broke through barriers of gender and color in order to reach their goals, fulfill their potential, and live amazing lives.

The Author

  1. Suzanne Curtis Briggs

    Suzanne Curtis Briggs

    Suzanne Curtis Briggs is a former teacher who has been reading history all her life and enjoys writing about it. She loves a good story, especially when it's true.

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