Safe Church

How to Guard against Sexism and Abuse in Christian Communities

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If the past few years have taught us anything, it's that by and large the church has failed women. From sexual abuse scandals involving high-profile pastors, to decades-long systemic cover-ups of sexual harassment and mistreatment, to harmful theology that has driven women to leave the church and find community elsewhere, it's clear that something is broken. If we want to fix it, it's time we start listening.

Drawing on new, firsthand research and in-depth interviews, Safe Church allows women to voice the pain they have suffered at the hands of insecure leaders who were often unaware of how their words, actions, and attitudes were harming their sisters in Christ. With practical advice on how to create more equity and less sexism and abuse in the church, this honest look at how misogyny masquerades as biblical truth is a vital resource for pastors, church leaders, and anyone who wants to make a meaningful difference in their own Christian community.

The Author

  1. Dr. Andrew J. Bauman
    George Carlton

    Dr. Andrew J. Bauman

    Dr. Andrew J. Bauman is the founder and director of the Christian Counseling Center: For Sexual Health & Trauma (CCC) and a licensed mental health counselor. A former pastor, Andrew now works with men and women to bring healing and wholeness to their...

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