Rise of the Mystics

series: Beyond the Circle

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Some say the great mystery of how one can live in two worlds at once died with Thomas Hunter many years ago. Still others that the gateway to that greater reality was and is only the stuff of dreams. They are all wrong.

Rachelle Matthews, who grew up in the small town of Eden, Utah, discovered just how wrong when she dreamed and awoke in another world. There she learned that she was the 49th Mystic, the prophesied one, tasked with finding five ancient seals before powerful enemies destroy her. If Rachelle succeeds in her quest, peace will reign. If she fails, the world will forever be locked in darkness.

In The 49th Mystic, Rachelle found the first three of those five seals through great peril and mind-altering adventure. But two seals remain hidden and the fate of both worlds hangs in their balance.

As Rachelle Matthews sits deep in a dungeon, Vlad Smith is just getting started. Thomas Hunter's world is about to be turned inside out. The mystics say that there is no defense against the Fifth Seal--but finding it will cost Rachelle everything.

So begins the final volume of high stakes in one girl's quest to find an ancient path that will save humanity. The clock is ticking; the end rushes forward. 

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The Author

  1. Ted Dekker

    Ted Dekker

    Ted Dekker is the award-winning and New York Times bestselling author of more than forty novels, with over 10 million copies sold worldwide. He was born in the jungles of Indonesia to missionary parents, and his upbringing as a stranger in a fascinating...

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Praise for The 49th Mystic

"A welcome return to the world of the Circle and a fine novel in its own right."--Booklist

"Fans of the Circle series will certainly want to check out Dekker's latest."--RT Book Reviews

"Creatively entwined with teachings from scripture, Dekker's book will appeal to readers looking for a thrilling, faith-driven adventure."--Publishers Weekly

"Dekker's work helps readers to explore the difficult questions of life and faith that he wrestles with himself. Using story to communicate biblical principles rather than offering a sermon."--Christian MARKET

Praise for
Ted Dekker

"[Dekker's writing] may be a genre unto itself."--New York Times on A.D. 30

"Ted Dekker is a true master of thrillers."--Nelson DeMille, New York Times bestselling author on BoneMan's Daughters

"A daring and completely riveting thriller."--Booklist on The Priest's Graveyard

"The depth of insight and development into characters is outstanding. . . . This is a must read."--RT Book Reviews, Top Pick on A.D. 30

"If you've never visited Ted Dekker's world, do it. Beguiling, compelling, challenging, and riveting--fantastic, gimmick-free storytelling--that's what you get with Ted Dekker. Don't pass this one up."--Steve Berry, New York Times bestselling author on The Priest's Graveyard

"Ted Dekker is a master of suspense."--Library Journal