Revival Praying

An Urgent and Powerful Message for the Family of Christ

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A Challenge to All Who Long for a Spiritual Awakening in Their Nation

One of the twentieth century's greatest authorities on revival, Leonard Ravenhill exhorts believers to pray if they want to see revival. Calling prayer "faith in action" and the most essential element in starting a revival, he urges Christians to become people of prayer. This fast-paced book, filled with illustrations of biblical and more recent examples of effective praying, presents a model for those who would devote themselves to prayer. His message is as critical today as it was when first published more than forty years ago.

"From the burdened heart of a man of God come these burning pages."
--Raymond Edman, late president of Wheaton College

"A plea for praying that will... move the people and magnify the Lord Jesus."
--Moody Monthly

The Author

  1. Leonard Ravenhill

    Leonard Ravenhill

    Leonard Ravenhill was born in 1907 in England. He became one of England's foremost evangelists, preaching with vigor and power. He immigrated with his family to the United States in midlife, where he continued his ministry. The author of several books,...

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