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7 Ways to Say No, Set Boundaries, and Seize Joy

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Permission to breathe--granted

If you feel overwhelmed, you're not alone. Three out of five people admit to doing more than they can manage. Why do we do this? Usually because we feel selfish or guilty when we say no. Later, we snap at people out of sheer exhaustion. It doesn't have to be this way. We can stop striving for rest and start living from it--like Jesus did.

Rest Now shows you how to

· create boundaries that allow you to overflow with love
· say no so you don't hate yourself later
· ditch passive-aggressive behaviors in favor of healthy conversations
· embrace loving thoughts to welcome in God

"If you are ready to be set free from the nagging stress of feeling chronically overwhelmed, then Rest Now is the book you have been looking for."--Mandy Arioto, president and CEO of MOPS International

"With transparent and tender compassion, Kelly shows us how to access the peace of God--as well as His joy--even in the midst of chaos."--Joanna Weaver, author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

Kelly Balarie is the author of Fear Fighting and Battle Ready. When speaking at women's conferences around the nation, Kelly delights in joining hands with women as they go through life's ups and downs. To see marriages restored, hope recovered, and prayers of faith lifted up to a God on the move are some of her greatest joys. Beyond this, Kelly has led spiritual growth Bible study groups and has been seen on TODAY, The 700 Club,,, and (in)courage. Her work has also been featured by Relevant and Today's Christian Woman. She lives with her husband and two kiddos on the East Coast.


"If you are ready to be set free from the nagging stress of feeling chronically overwhelmed, then Rest Now is the book you have been looking for. Filled with practical takeaways and transformational ideas, it is sure to gain a place at the top of your favorite books list."

Mandy Arioto, president and CEO of MOPS International

"We all need a friend who understands the struggles of life. More importantly, we need a friend who points us to Jesus. Kelly Balarie does both in Rest Now. With transparent and tender compassion, Kelly shows us how to access the peace of God--as well as His joy--even in the midst of chaos."

Joanna Weaver, author of Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World

"I jumped at the chance to read Rest Now--not just because Kelly Balarie is known for her positive encouragement but because I am so tired. God's true rest eludes me. If I'm being honest, I am so far from living in that place that I don't even know how to aspire to it. Rest Now is full of practical advice for identifying the lies we tell ourselves that keep us from being able to embrace rest, as well as straightforward tips for overcoming the barriers we've put in the way of getting there--and ways to implement boundaries so we can remain there. This book shows us we can have that beautiful, peaceful life of rest God promised. Not someday. Not later. Now."

Kelly O'Dell Stanley, author of Praying Upside Down, Designed to Pray, and InstaPrayer: Prayers to Share

"In Rest Now, Kelly Balarie provides a real-life and applicable antidote for all who find themselves shuffling for approval in the pursuit of more, busy, and perfection: the ability and the wisdom to rest in the here and now, knowing we were made for this life by a God who simply wants us to rest in His arms when we feel weary."

Kara Lawler, author of Everywhere Holy: Seeing Beauty, Remembering Your Identity, and Finding God Right Where You Are

"Kelly helps you dig deep into why you may not be experiencing true rest. She lovingly walks you through practical and biblical solutions to get the kind of rest that brings about transformation, freedom, and success. This book is a must-read!"

Rebecca Garcia, founder of Christian Women Entrepreneurs Network

"Reading Kelly's book reminds me the beautiful relationship between sisters--with Kelly taking the role of a spiritual sister for her readers. She guides us through pages of wisdom and personal stories. Most evident is her heart for listening. In each chapter, Kelly brilliantly identifies challenges, applies a biblical solution, and assigns an action plan. Her book will impact several generations. Perfect for mentoring, book clubs, or small group discussions."

Christine Abraham, founder and executive director of Bible Cafe Ministries,

"Rest has always been a recurring theme in my life. No matter the season I am in--wife, mother, entrepreneur--God reminds me of His gift of rest. Then Kelly comes along in her book to remind me rest is for now and not just for later. This book helped me to understand total rest in God includes boundaries for myself and others. I am encouraged by knowing I can set boundaries, seize joy, and rest in God. Thank you, Kelly, for this much-needed book for the body of Christ."

Roshanda "The Rosho Live" Pratt, storyteller, live video strategist, and producer

"The fact is, I didn't want to rest now. I felt like I was bad at it. I'd rather run my furious race on the hamster wheel of life and skip the inner soul work. But Kelly has a way of cheering us on and leading us to healthier practices. There's no one more gracious and loving to encourage us toward greater peace and joy."

Melanie Dale, author of Calm the H*ck Down

"Full of practice application and a few touches of 'ouch' from conviction, Rest Now partners with the Holy Spirit for specific wisdom and boundaries to be able to navigate and put wholehearted focus, effort, and work into what God is calling us to build. This book has me declaring its truths aloud and asking for forgiveness when I feel a check in my spirit."

Adrienne Young, author of Declare & Establish, Women Who War, and Don't Go Thrifting Without Me

"In Rest Now, Kelly Balarie's unique gift of storytelling, relevant spiritual insight, and raw humanity beautifully collide. The result is a deep and wide panorama of Christian self-care for hurried and harried souls. From the very first lines of the introduction, you feel her brand of authenticity. The lessons are fresh. The approach is practical. The spiritual impact will be deep. So, get ready to be redirected and restored to strength in Christ as you revel in Kelly's hard-won truths. Don't wait! Read it and you will surely rest now. It's time!"

Marlinda Ireland, DMin, cofounder of Christ Church Rockaway & Montclair, New Jersey

"There are few writers who resonate with my understanding of life and the joys and challenges of truly desiring the life God created us for like Kelly Balarie. Kelly writes in a way that makes me think that she has been 'in my head' or 'reading my mail.' When I read her, I hear Kelly's voice as if she is speaking the words to me. And as she shares about herself, she somehow holds up a mirror so I see myself in most of her own stories and circumstances. I sat down to read Rest Now and ended up feeling like it read me. Kelly outlines practical pathways to live a life of rest and renewal that will satisfy the most restless of souls through some of the least practiced spiritual disciplines--along with showing us how to create boundaries that help us maintain a lifestyle of rest that represents the life Jesus intended for us. This book is a gift for all us who are becoming."

Dan McCandless, pastor of leadership development, Black Rock Church

"This book speaks right to the heart of this recovering prodigal who spent many years trying to make up for past mistakes. Kelly reminds us that doing or being more isn't the way we get to deep, soulful peace. Instead, it comes from intimately knowing God, knowing who He says we are, and learning to resist anything that tries to corrupt either of those things. It a must-read for any Christian woman, especially those in leadership!"

Angela J Herrington, MA, LSCC, online pastor and life coach

"Kelly opens our eyes to the emptiness of the culture's attempts to fill our God-shaped vacuum with more people, possessions, or position, and she gives us biblical and practical steps leading us to the only One who can--Jesus."

Sharon Jaynes, bestselling author of Enough: Silencing the Lies That Steal Your Confidence

"Rest seems like it should be simple, yet why is it so evasive? Perhaps it is because we have a one-dimensional view of what rest means and how to experience it. In Rest Now, Kelly brings her honest, enlightening, and refreshing perspective on how to make rest our reality. With heartfelt prayers and practical application, she leaves readers equipped and encouraged to rest."

Lisa Bishop, director of women's ministry at Park Community Church in Chicago, IL, and founder of Living a Life Unleashed LLC,

"Not only is this book engaging and well-written but it also taps into the universal weariness that's numbed American society. As Kelly beautifully reminds us, there is hope--hope to overcome the fear, anxiety, and depression defining our generation through the strength and love of Christ. With humility, real-life stories, and actionable steps, Kelly shows us how to make rest a natural rhythm of life and reclaim our joy. She leads us to a place of peace that speaks to the soul."

Kari Kampakis, author of Love Her Well: 10 Ways to Find Joy and Connection with Your Teenage Daughter and 10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know

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    Kelly Balarie is the author of Fear Fighting, Battle Ready, and Rest Now. When speaking at women's conferences around the nation, Kelly delights in joining hands with women as they go through life's ups and downs. To see marriages...

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