Resilient and Redeemed

Lessons about Suicidality and Depression from the Psych Ward

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You Are Not Alone

God cares deeply about you and your mental health. Author and mental health advocate Chris Morris has battled depression and suicidality his entire adult life. Even coming to Christ didn't change this, which is something many fellow Christians don't seem to understand. He still had to face the grief of unrelenting illness, the shame of struggling, and the pain of poor guidance.

In this compassionate and engaging book, Chris shares how he overcame these challenges and invites you to do the same--no matter your diagnosis. Weaving biblical truth and personal stories with thoughtful strategies and hard-earned wisdom, he helps you move past fear and shame to combat the specters of depression and suicidality.

God is still there, even in the darkest of places. May this book be a step in the process of healing and help you find hope in your battle.

Includes reflection questions, Scripture meditations, and a bonus video course.


"Chris Morris is a voice the Church needs to hear! By courageously sharing his story, Chris opens a much-needed conversation about mental health, weaving personal narratives, theological insights, and practical guidance into a topic that has long been left in the shadows of religious communities."

Marty Kaiser, campus pastor, Vineyard Church Reveal

"In this book you will encounter Chris as a wise guide who shares his journey's harsh and painful realities. As he skillfully unfolds his story, he encourages all of us to open ourselves to the beautiful possibilities for hope and healing in Jesus. May we all listen to Chris as he points us to Jesus, and may the Church be filled with gritty friendships."

Rev. Dr. Gino Curcuruto, pastor, The Table Philadelphia

"Open this book and journey with Chris Morris in the struggle to make sense of mental illness within the Christian life. Read the stories, reflect on Scripture, and find hope. In these pages, Chris helps us see God as present in the struggle. Resilient and Redeemed is a gift to all of us who struggle with mental illness or walk with someone who does."

David Fitch, Lindner Chair of Evangelical Theology, Northern Seminary, Chicago

"If you are a Christian who battles with depression and suicide, this book is for you. If you have a loved one who struggles with these same elements, this book will help you understand their battle and how you can encourage and pray for them. Chris invites the reader into his very personal journey with reflection and understanding, and his words provide hope and healing through God."

Morgan L. Busse, award-winning author of The Ravenwood Saga and Skyworld series, and pastor's wife

"I ask my clients, 'Has your faith, theology, or church experience been helpful or harmful?' Chris vulnerably and courageously writes about how he has been harmed and most importantly how he has been helped, literally saved, by God and treatment. He shares how depression can affect marriages. It's real, honest, and hopeful."

Sovann Pen, host, The Courage, Coaching and Counseling Podcast; licensed professional counselor, A New Day Counseling Center

"With deep compassion, Chris Morris shares his heartbreaking yet hopeful story. He navigates the often-misunderstood intersection of mental health and spiritual well-being with hope and wisdom that are desperately needed in today's conversations about mental health in the church. I pray that Chris's vulnerability starts conversations among believers, church leaders, and families."

Kathi Lipp, author and podcaster, Clutter Free Academy

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  1. Chris Morris
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    Chris Morris

    Chris Morris ( is a writer and an advocate for the mental health community who is passionate about redefining normal and building hope in the face of chronic illness and special needs. The author of three books, his articles have appeared...

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