Real Worship, 2nd Edition

Playground, Battleground, or Holy Ground?

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With 50,000 copies sold, the first edition of Real Worship helped many pastors and worship leaders make biblical sense in the controversy surrounding worship and worship styles. This second edition contains new chapters on taking worship seriously, planning balanced worship, and tradition in worship. A question-and-answer section, a bibliography, and a Scripture index have also been added.

While many books deal with how to worship, they fail to give a definition of true worship. Warren Wiersbe defines what worship is and the four elements it involves: wonder, witness, warfare, and wisdom. As he discusses such controversial issues as art, liturgy, worship styles, and music, Wiersbe keeps the focus on God and demonstrates the balance of worship for which every church should strive.

Real Worship is both biblically based and autobiographical, containing personal testimony, anecdotes, and illustrations from Wiersbe's pastoral experience.

The first edition of this book was published by Thomas Nelson in 1986.


Endorsements for the first edition:

"Warren Wiersbe has done a masterful job of communicating our call to worship from the pages of Holy Scripture. His chapter on preaching as a sacrament is alone worth the price of the book. This is yet another prophetic voice calling modern evangelicalism back home to the priority of worship."
--Rt. Rev. Peter E. Gillquist

"With intelligence and insight, wit and wisdom, Warren Wiersbe reveals the transformation which honest worship can bring to each Christian and his church."
--Frank Boggs

"Rarely have I identified with an author in his perception and experience of worship as I have in this present volume. The reader will never be quite the same again after perusing these pages. He may not agree with everything, but he will have to acknowledge that 'man's chief end is to glorify God' and to 'worship Him in the beauty of holiness.'"
--Stephen Olford

"For long enough this matter of Christian worship has been begging for restudy and restatement, and an answer to that is just what we have in this new book from the mind and heart of one who is eminently fitted to talk to us about it. It has blessed my own heart. May it have wide acceptance and deep impact."
--J. Sidlow Baxter

"In worship we declare what is really valuable to us, says Dr. Wiersbe. Convinced he is right, my mind devoured this book. Often in the reading of these pages I forgot this was a book about worship and became lost in the very act of worship. Wiersbe wakes us to the wonder of God. A solid and scholarly challenge threads substance throughout the piece."
--Calvin Miller

"Warren Wiersbe has done a wonderful service . . . by giving us this marvelous book. It is easily readable, thoroughly biblical, intensely practical, and sorely needed. With a happy heart, I commend it to all who wish to discover the joy of biblical worship."
--Adrian Rogers

The Author

  1. Warren W. Wiersbe

    Warren W. Wiersbe

    Warren W. Wiersbe (1929-2019) was pastor of The Moody Church and the author or editor of more than 160 books, including 50 People Every Christian Should Know, This Is the Life!, and On Being a Servant of God.

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