Possessing the Gates of the Enemy, 4th Edition | Revised with Study Guide

A Training Manual for Militant Intercession

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"It is time to draw a line in the sand, plant our feet on that line and give our lives in militant intercession until we bring heaven to earth in the nations."--Cindy Jacobs

Practical, personal, biblical and motivational, this bestselling book has been the go-to, definitive guide to prophetic intercession for years. Fully revised and updated, with an in-depth study guide, the fourth edition of this classic text offers new and vital insights on prayer and spiritual warfare. With compassion, strategic thinking, encouragement and time-tested advice, international prayer leader Cindy Jacobs equips you to be an effective prayer warrior, answering these questions and more:

· What is the purpose of intercession?
· How do you know someone needs your prayers?
· How do you pray?
· Do your prayers really battle the enemy and thwart his plans?
· What are the "gates" of the enemy?

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in intercessory prayer, this training manual has everything you need to pray effectively--and possess the gates of the enemy.

Praise for Possessing the Gates of the Enemy

"A book I know will excite and uplift you. Watch and see. You will soon be recommending it to your friends!"--C. Peter Wagner

"This book became a blueprint, a war manual and training manual strategy that shaped the course of my prayer journey. It gave me hope that the Church can actually win."--Lou Engle


"Few people could write a book that would become both a beginner's guide and a leader's manual. Cindy Jacobs has done just that in Possessing the Gates of the Enemy. Powerful and practical, informative and inspirational--it just doesn't get any better than this classic. Read the book that helped launch the great worldwide prayer movement of the last thirty years!"

Dr. Dutch Sheets, Dutch Sheets Ministries

"Cindy proves two things in Possessing the Gates of the Enemy: (1) You will be convinced of God's caring nature in sharing with those who will pray with Him over His ever-expanding Kingdom. (2) You will feel called and equipped in a new way, maybe even drafted for the first time into the office of intercession. I have always said I am not an intercessor, but I found myself in the pages of this book. I also grew hungry for so much more as she related all these historic and fantastic stories of God's divine intervention. I agree with what the late, great Peter Wagner said in his foreword--this is truly a classic. The theology, her life experience, the spiritual street smarts that you will gain from your read will invite you into a new place that will change you forever!"

Shawn Bolz, president, Bolz Ministries

"There are several books that all saints must read to understand the war of the Kingdom of God. Possessing the Gates of the Enemy is one of those books! I was privileged to work with Cindy Jacobs during the time that she was developing the revelation that is contained in this book. My whole life has been a quest of understanding how to recover a lost inheritance. This book was instrumental in showing me not only how to recover but how to possess the gates of the enemy."

Dr. Chuck D. Pierce, president, Global Spheres, Inc., and Glory of Zion International

"Possessing the Gates of the Enemy is a classic jewel in the catalog of writings on prophetic intercession and warfare. This fourth edition is truly exciting because of its timely updates, which are a gift to a new generation of impassioned believers and world changers. My dear friend Cindy is a general in the faith and a general of intercession who has paved the way for women and men alike to rise up and take their place on the wall of a national and international prayer movement. Cindy carries such authority in the area of the prophetic and intercession, and she has been a significant prophetic voice in my life and ministry. Possessing the Gates of the Enemy has borne good and lasting fruit over the years since its first publication, pairing wisdom with revelation and opening eyes to the heart and ways of the Lord and all He has asked us to partner in with Him. For us to see revival and the reformation of society take place, a true call to prayer and intercession is necessary for the mountains of society and culture to reflect and "become the kingdoms of our Lord and of His Christ" (Revelation 11:15). Possessing the Gates of the Enemy is instructive and insightful, helping us to usher in revival."

Dr. Ché Ahn, president, Harvest International Ministry; international chancellor, Wagner University (formerly Wagner Leadership Institute)

"As time passes, this book remains relevant and powerful! Cindy Jacobs is a seasoned end-times prophet who brings deep revelation and practical advice on intercession to help believers--from beginners to experienced leaders--fight back against the powers of darkness and experience the fullness of God's blessings for their lives."

Apostle Guillermo Maldonado, founder and senior pastor, King Jesus Ministry, Miami, Florida

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  1. Cindy Jacobs
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    Cindy Jacobs

    Cindy Jacobs and her husband, Mike, are the founders of Generals International, a worldwide ministry that works to achieve social transformation through intercession and prophetic ministry. She is the author of several bestselling books, and her popular...

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