No More Christian Nice Girl

When Just Being Nice--Instead of Good--Hurts You, Your Family, and Your Friends

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Be the Strong, Confident, and Caring Woman You Were Meant to Be

Tired of doing all you can for others while your relationships remain stuck in neutral--or headed in reverse? Paul Coughlin and psychologist Jennifer Degler show how being nice can harm you and drain the life out of your relationships. They explore the keys to fulfillment at home, work, church, and even in the bedroom. You'll discover that emulating the real Jesus is the key to transforming from a Christian Nice Girl into an authentic, powerful woman of loving faith.

The Authors

  1. Paul Coughlin
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    Paul Coughlin

    Paul Coughlin ( is an international speaker, teacher, and author who has been interviewed by Good Morning America and the New York Times, among other media outlets. He is the founder of The Protectors, an anti-bullying...

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  2. Jennifer D. Degler PhD
    Photo by: Jessica McCollam

    Jennifer D. Degler PhD

    Jennifer D. Degler, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and life coach. A frequent speaker at women's events and marriage retreats, she also maintains a counseling practice, seeing adults, children, and couples for psychotherapy. She is a member of the American...

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