Moments of Hope, Repackaged Edition

Devotions for Morning and Evening

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Start and end your day in the presence of God

What an incredible difference it can make in our lives when we bookend our days with prayer and devotion. In the morning, it helps us focus our minds and direct our efforts. In the evening, it helps us take stock of our day and see how God has been faithful. As we string our days together into weeks and months, it helps us depend more wholly on God to guard our hearts and guide our actions and attitudes.

Moments of Hope offers 120 devotions for morning and 120 devotions for evening so that you can begin and end your day in a quiet moment with God and experience His presence in every other moment as well. Each devotion includes a verse of Scripture, a short devotional, and a closing prayer. These devotions will help you remember that God loves, protects, cares for, and provides for you--each and every day.