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Magnifying God in Christ

A Summary of New Testament Theology

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"This may well be the most helpful summary of the theology of the New Testament I ha[ve] yet to read. . . . This is biblical scholarship in service to the church which is what all biblical scholarship ought to be."--Todd Pruitt, TGC Reviews (The Gospel Coalition)
Thomas Schreiner's substantial New Testament Theology examined the unifying themes that emerge from a detailed reading of the New Testament canon. Magnifying God in Christ provides a student-level digest of Schreiner's massive work, exploring the key themes and teachings of the New Testament in a more accessible and concise way. In addition to summarizing the findings of Schreiner's larger work, this survey provides answers to the "so what?" question of New Testament theology.
Comprehensive and up to date, the book is arranged thematically and includes careful exegesis of key passages. It argues for a New Testament theology that is God-focused, Christ-centered, and Spirit-saturated and offers students of the Bible a big-picture view of what the New Testament is all about.

Praise for Schreiner's New Testament Theology

"This is probably the best New Testament theology written in the last several decades from a decidedly Reformed and evangelical point of view."--Ben Witherington III

"A valuable addition to the field, providing to students the kind of overview that only a seasoned scholar can produce."--Douglas J. Moo

"A magnificent achievement!"--Simon J. Gathercole

"Lucid, incisive, and above all devoted to listening to the text of the NT."--Donald A. Hagner

The Author

  1. Thomas R. Schreiner

    Thomas R. Schreiner

    Thomas R. Schreiner (PhD, Fuller Theological Seminary) is James Buchanan Harrison Professor of New Testament Interpretation and professor of biblical theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky. He has taught at SBTS for...

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"[Schreiner's] massive New Testament Theology . . . was well worth the time and attention required to read it. However, I remember thinking along the way that a condensed and more accessible version would be a coup for thoughtful lay persons. Thus, I welcomed the publication of Magnifying God in Christ with enthusiasm. I was even more enthused as I realized that this may well be the most helpful summary of the theology of the New Testament I had yet to read. . . . This is biblical scholarship in service to the church which is what all biblical scholarship ought to be. . . . This is certainly a book for pastors. It will serve as a wonderful companion to those preparing sermons from NT texts. But it is also a book for Sunday School teachers, students, and interested lay persons who want to deepen their knowledge of God and His saving work in Christ revealed in the New Testament."--Todd Pruitt, TGC Reviews (The Gospel Coalition)

"Schreiner has a high degree of competence in his field and is able to communicate his thoughts with admirable clarity. . . . Readers will find . . . a wealth of information and insight which will considerably broaden and deepen their understanding of the message of the New Testament."--Peter Ensor, Methodist Recorder

"One cannot be without this book, for if you want to have the New Testament, in all its greatness, at your fingertips, this is the book for you. It has thirteen chapters, and every chapter is so clear, concise, and memorable."--D. Ben Rees, The Voice

"Schreiner . . . has provided a condensed version of his New Testament theology in Magnifying God in Christ. Pastors ought to interact with Schreiner's work either in this shorter version or in the longer one. Schreiner is an excellent pastoral, biblical theologian; this work will be helpful in preaching and pastoring."--Ray Van Neste, Preaching

"Schreiner is . . . one of the leading conservative evangelical biblical scholars teaching and writing today. Many preachers and students have benefited from his works such as his magisterial commentary on Romans. This book is a digest of his New Testament Theology published several years ago. While I would recommend the larger book for any pastor's bookshelf, I recommend this one for any Christian as a very readable and accessible introduction to the theology of the New Testament, and that includes pastors. This is a book one will read cover to cover. . . . At the end of each chapter is a helpful pastoral reflection. I don't find anything in this excellent book to criticize. So go out and buy and enlarge your understanding of the New Testament."--Ken Brownell, Protestant Truth

"There is so much here to enrich a careful reader's understanding of New Testament themes, to say nothing of the sermons of a preacher who is prepared to take the time. . . . There's real gold here."--Gary Benfold, Evangelicals Now

"Schreiner carefully evaluates the biblical evidence from both the Old and New Testaments. While he doesn't avoid controversial passages, he also does not allow them to detract from the literary thrust of Scripture. Bible students will appreciate the scriptural and subject indices, and pastors will be challenged by the reflections at the end of each chapter."--Stephen M. VanTassel, Bible Study Magazine

"I have no doubt that many readers will find . . . a wealth of information and insight which will considerably broaden and deepen their understanding of the message of the New Testament."--Peter Ensor, The Flame

"There is much to be commended in Schreiner's work. Each chapter is filled with solid exegetical insights regarding the teaching of the NT on each subject addressed in the book. Schreiner is an esteemed scholar and his abilities are reflected in the book. Perhaps the most helpful aspect of the book is its accessibility to laypeople, students, and pastors with little or no seminary training. . . . Schreiner's pastoral concern is apparent throughout the book. While his desire to make NT theology accessible to laypeople sets a pastoral tenor for the book from the beginning, Schreiner gives readers a pastoral reflection at the end of every chapter to demonstrate the practical importance of each theme considered. This breathes life into each chapter. . . . [This book] is to be recommended as a very adequate distillation of NT theology from an evangelical and Reformed perspective. A more accessible or comprehensive work on NT theology for the intended audience cannot be found."--Andrew Hebert, Criswell Theological Review

"Schreiner has refashioned a valuable and edifying resource. . . . Students who have read other New Testament theologies will benefit from exposure to a thematic and inductive approach with a sustained thesis throughout. The size of this version might also better suit the book to New Testament courses at the undergraduate level or in a church setting. As an entry point into Schreiner's theological reflections on New Testament theology, this streamlined version will be a welcome contribution for those looking for a manageable treatment of the subject."--Ched Spellman, Southwestern Journal of Theology

"Magnifying God in Christ is a sweeping overview of the New Testament, covering a wide variety of biblical and theological topics. . . . Throughout the volume, Schreiner seems to do a good job of neither oversimplifying nor overgeneralizing the theological perspectives found in the New Testament writings. He illustrates his view that a theological unity exists in the NT, with diversity of emphasis and expression. I heartily recommend it to pastors and lay people alike."--Mark Batluck, Expository Times