One Woman’s Journey from Poverty and the Occult to Enduring Faith and True Riches

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Lulu Auger's life is what fairy tales are made of: a poor farm girl from rural Minnesota goes to Washington, D.C., to seek her fortune. On the way, she meets a dashing prince who sweeps her into marriage. Wealth and fame eventually follow as they open a successful restaurant visited regularly by the who's-who of the nation's capitol.

Yet any glamour in this fairy tale existence was short-lived. Her prince turned into a domineering and disloyal husband. Success didn't fulfill her and money couldn't buy her happiness. Desperate for acceptance, belonging, and love, Lulu sought comfort in the arms of the New Age occult--a decision she almost paid for with her life.

Heartening yet hopeful, the saga of Lulu's life, her search for fulfillment, and her ultimate decision to accept Christ will captivate readers and become a source of encouragement and hope for anyone walking through the dark valleys of life.


"Through suffering and anguish can come true perspective and happiness. We see this clearly as Lulu relates her poignant life's journey with candor, images and wisdom. She exemplifies grace under pressure. Her saga spans decades and continents. It also offers new insight and life-altering awareness. Lulu bravely unshackled herself from the occult and found an abiding relationship with Divinity. She found faith; she found herself. She transformed others--most notably her husband and well-known businessman Ulysses Auger. Her book's keen observations, uplifting vignettes and unswerving conviction will educate, fascinate and inspire countless readers. As the 'caged bird set free,' Lulu shows us all by riveting personal example how to be free--how not to be misled by false prophets, how to live joyfully and how to know pure peace through abiding faith."
--Richard Berendzen, Ph.D., former president, American University; current director, NASA's District of Columbia Space Grant Consortium

"Lulu is a book about one woman's search for God. At a young age God called Lulu to a life of adventure and love. The Holy Spirit planted a seed in her that would never leave her as she traveled through life. Her search led her down many paths, but out of the confusion and heartache, God was always there calling. This is a book of redemption and hope. Lulu Auger has masterfully written her life story in a book you will want to read cover-to-cover in one sitting--a book about the fascinating life of an amazing lady of grace."
--Pastor Beni Johnson, prayer pastor, Bethel Church (Redding, California); author, The Happy Intercessor

"Lulu Auger appeared to be leading a glamorous life, but was actually trapped in a cage of despair. The story of how she escaped is powerful and moving. Read and be inspired."
--Dr. Pat Robertson, founder and chairman, The Christian Broadcasting Network

"Most readers know that books permit us to gain wisdom rather easily for which the authors labored in much difficulty! It has been our privilege to know this wise and godly woman personally for many years; yet the wisdom gained in reading her journey in one sitting was quite overwhelming. You will be greatly rewarded with hidden spiritual insights when you choose to walk with her through these costly and well-written pages. Please do not miss the privilege."
--Bob and Judith Mumford, bestselling author; founder, Lifechangers

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