Listen to Your Day

The Life-Changing Practice of Paying Attention

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What are you supposed to do with your life? What deserves your limited reserve of energy, attention, and time? What's making you anxious or frustrated right now? What would make you happy and fulfilled?

The world is shouting its answers to these questions, but the real answers are quieter--and right in front of you. They are in the details of your day, every day. But we usually look right past them. Or we are simply so distracted we've lost the ability to see and hear the life going on right in front of us. If we're not intentional about changing this trend, this "inattentional blindness" can rob us of years of joyful productivity. But when we learn to observe the details of our days, we discover new lenses through which to see and new practices of paying attention that add meaning to life.

Stop drifting. Stop worrying. Stop living distracted. Walk purposefully through life with a firm grasp on what's important to you and what you're working toward--all by listening to the details of your day.


"I got distracted while writing this endorsement. If you got distracted while reading it, thank goodness Paul wrote this book for both of us! Paying attention is a lost art. If you're ready to master it, read this!"

Jon Acuff, New York Times bestselling author of Soundtracks

"Paying attention just may be the most important thing we do as humans, and we often do such a terrible job at it. Paul Angone's new book shows us how to fix that; it teaches us how to be more human. This one is especially overdue."

Jeff Goins, bestselling author of The In-Between

"There's a treasure chest filled with gold that's hiding in plain sight--right under your feet--containing the answers to your biggest life questions and conundrums. If you are having trouble finding this treasure, you are not alone. With his signature wit and wisdom, Paul Angone is back with another beautiful book to help you dig deeper, dissolve distractions, and listen even more closely to the clues already guiding you. Spend just a few short hours with this book, and you will already gain a lifetime of habits to help you build a more meaningful, fulfilling life."

Jenny Blake, podcaster and author of Free Time, Pivot, and Life After College

"Listen to Your Day is going to help you clean your thinking and find a peace that you didn't know was possible. Paul Angone addresses one of the biggest problems of our day. If you have a smartphone in your pocket, you would be smart to read this book again and again."

Jonathan Pokluda, bestselling author, host of the Becoming Something podcast, and lead pastor of Harris Creek

"Paul is truly a champion for living purposefully and with intention. Listen to Your Day provides both deep wisdom and a tangible road map for tuning out the noise we are all bombarded with and tuning in to the things that will positively transform your heart--and your life--one day at a time."

Jenny Foss, author of Do This, Not That: Career

"Paul Angone has done it again. Listen to Your Day is that rare kind of book that is at once wise, witty, and whimsical. Angone deftly combines insights from psychology and neuroscience, the Bible, and personal experience to help us open our eyes and ears to see and hear the good, the true, and the beautiful in everyday life. He even delivers practical wisdom in a chapter written sitting in a bubble bath. Really! Check out chapter 7. I think this is Paul's best book yet."

Ben Patterson, author of Waiting and He Has Made Me Glad

"Paul Angone had me at the first paragraph. I don't usually say that a nonfiction book is a page-turner, but this one is just that. Paul is a great writer and thinker. I'm a better person for consuming this content. I highly recommend this book."

Jim Burns, PhD, president of HomeWord and author of Doing Life with Your Adult Children and Have Serious Fun

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