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Learn Biblical Hebrew, 2nd Edition

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Through his teaching experiences, John Dobson developed a method that enables students to read and understand passages of the Hebrew Bible from an early stage. Students from around the world have acknowledged the effectiveness of his method.

Learn Biblical Hebrew provides the basics of a standard grammar but also includes insights into Hebrew narrative and poetry not usually found in introductory textbooks. In addition to the lessons, the book includes a glossary of grammatical terms, a short reference grammar, and helpful indexes. It is useful in classroom settings and as a self-study guide.

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The Author

  1. John H. Dobson

    John H. Dobson

    John H. Dobson (BD, University of London) was known around the world for his infectious enthusiasm for the biblical languages. Thousands of students have benefited from his teaching in colleges and universities. He taught Greek and Hebrew effectively in many...

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"[A] welcomed addition to the burgeoning publications of Hebrew grammars. . . . Nothing substitutes for constant drill and frequent reading, and more reading, as students attempt to master the biblical languages. [This text] will help the instructor and the serious student to do just that."

Mark D. Vander Hart,

Mid-America Journal of Theology

"Introductions to each section of the grammar provide a clear view of lesson content and goals. . . . One of the strengths of this grammar is the focus on narrative and its characteristics. . . . Throughout the grammar [Dobson] preserves a focus on context as the ultimate determining factor for translation and meaning. Listing helpful translation guidelines, he gives the student clear direction for translating biblical Hebrew. . . . The treatment of Hebrew poetry . . . is quite understandable and practical."

William D. Barrick,

Master's Seminary Journal