Leading on Empty

Refilling Your Tank and Renewing Your Passion

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Wayne Cordeiro found himself paralyzed by burnout. He had been in ministry for 30 years, and 10 years after founding what is now the largest church in Hawaii, he found himself depleted. Wayne took a season out of his growing ministry to recharge and refocus on the truly important. He was able to get back in touch with his life, get back in proper balance, and re-energize his spirit through Christ in a way that propelled him forward to greater levels of service. Wayne first gave this message at a recent Willow Creek Leadership Summit, where it was the highest-rated presentation by those in attendance.

Pulling no punches, Wayne talks about the walls leaders must break through and how to move on with integrity. Included are ways to care for oneself physically and emotionally as well as spiritually.


"This is a must read for all leaders. God often calls us to lead smarter, not harder, for the sake of His Kingdom. We can all learn from a veteran leader like Wayne Cordeiro as he shares his decades of experience in this book."
--Bill Hybels
Senior Pastor, Willow Creek Community Church
Chairman of the Board, Willow Creek Association

"Having experienced burnout personally earlier in my career I can attest to all Wayne has written, and especially to the fact that out of such a fire can come spiritual growth and maturity. I particularly want to encourage young pastors and Christian leaders who are just starting out in their ministries to devour this book and follow its wise counsel."
--Archibald D. Hart, Ph.D., FPPR.
Senior Professor of Psychology and Dean Emeritus, Graduate School of Psychology, Fuller Theological Seminary

"Sooner or later, we all find ourselves trying to lead on empty. It's a tough place to be. But the wisdom, transparency, and godly advice Wayne offers in these pages can spare us the grief. He shows how to keep the tank from running dry--or how to refill it if it's gone empty. If you're in ministry, you need to read this book."
--Larry Osborne
Senior Pastor, North Coast Church, Vista CA

"I strongly recommend Leading on Empty to any church planter, seasoned minister, or emerging leader. This book will help protect your flame and passion for ministry until we all reach our God-intended purpose and destiny."
--Talo Sataraka
Senior Pastor, New Hope Tokyo
Director, New Hope Japan & Asia Association

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  1. Wayne Cordeiro

    Wayne Cordeiro

    Dr. Wayne Cordeiro is founding pastor of New Hope Christian Fellowship in Honolulu, Hawaii, and through New Hope International, over 152 churches have been planted worldwide. He is an author, songwriter, and highly sought-after speaker. He has authored 14...

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