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Introducing Christian Doctrine, 3rd Edition

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Millard Erickson offers a new edition of his popular systematic theology text, now thoroughly revised throughout. This book is an abridged, less technical version of Erickson's classic Christian Theology. The third edition takes into account feedback from professors and students and reflects current theological conversations, with added material on the atonement, justification, and divine foreknowledge. Pastors and students alike will find this survey of Christian theology and doctrine to be biblical, contemporary, moderate, and fair to various positions. It is a practical and accessible resource that applies doctrine to Christian life and ministry.

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Part 1: Introduction
1. What Is Theology?
2. Contextualizing the Christian Message
Part 2: Revelation
3. God's Universal Revelation
4. God's Particular Revelation
5. The Preservation of the Revelation: Inspiration
6. The Dependability of God's Word: Inerrancy
7. The Power of God's Word: Authority
Part 3: God
8. The Doctrine of God
9. The Greatness of God
10. The Goodness of God
11. God's Three-in-Oneness: The Trinity
12. God's Plan
13. God's Originating Work: Creation
14. God's Continuing Work: Providence
15. Evil and God's World: A Special Problem
16. God's Special Agents: Angels
Part 4: Humanity
17. Introduction to the Doctrine of Humanity
18. The Image of God in the Human
19. The Constitutional Nature of the Human
20. The Nature and Source of Sin
21. The Results of Sin
22. The Magnitude of Sin
Part 5: The Person and Work of Christ
23. The Deity of Christ
24. The Humanity of Christ
25. The Unity of the Person of Christ
26. Introduction to the Work of Christ
27. The Central Theme of Atonement
Part 6: The Holy Spirit
28. The Person of the Holy Spirit
29. The Work of the Holy Spirit
30. Recent Issues regarding the Holy Spirit
Part 7: Salvation
31. Conceptions of Salvation
32. The Antecedent to Salvation: Predestination
33. The Beginning of Salvation: Subjective Aspects
34. The Beginning of Salvation: Objective Aspects
35. The Continuation and Completion of Salvation
Part 8: Church
36. The Nature of the Church
37. The Role and Government of the Church
38. The Ordinances of the Church: Baptism and the Lord's Supper
Part 9: The Last Things
39. Introductory Matters and Individual Eschatology
40. The Second Coming and Its Consequents
41. Millennial and Tribulational Views
42. Final States

The Authors

  1. Millard J. Erickson

    Millard J. Erickson

    Millard J. Erickson (PhD, Northwestern University) has served as a pastor and seminary dean and has taught at several schools, including Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Western Seminary (Portland and San Jose), and Baylor University. He has also...

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  2. L. Arnold Hustad

    L. Arnold Hustad

    L. Arnold Hustad (PhD, New York University) is professor of theology and philosophy at Crown College in St. Bonifacius, Minnesota.

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"Erickson's work will be useful for undergraduate courses because of its brevity and clear writing style. Erickson supplies review questions at the end of each chapter, which could be assigned as homework or become the basis of quizzes/exams."

Nelson S. Hsieh,

Southern Baptist Journal of Theology

Praise for Previous Editions

"Clearly written and well-outlined, this book would serve as an excellent college textbook as well as being accessible to educated laypersons."

Warren McWilliams,

Religious Studies Review

"This is an outstanding introduction to theology that should become a standard undergraduate textbook. It's accessible to all general readers, and I strongly recommend it to all bookstores."

John Kohlenberger III,

Bookstore Journal

"Unhesitatingly recommended for use in Christian colleges."

Robert A. Pyne and Gary L. Nebeker,

Bibliotheca Sacra

"This prominent publication is most worthy of serious study."

The Baptist Standard

"Erickson's goal was to write a briefer version of his popular Christian Theology--with a view to providing a primer of and transition to more extended discussions of theology. As such, Erickson admirably achieved his purposes."

B. Dale Ellenburg,

Mid-America Theological Journal

"Every pastor and serious teacher should have Introducing Christian Doctrine along with [Erickson's] larger work [Christian Theology]."

Equip for Ministry

"Introducing Christian Doctrine is a worthy book on Christian theology to be made a standard textbook for a Bible school or college course on theology."

Africa Journal of Evangelical Theology